5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021 and Why

The year 2021 can still be a year of health for everyone through the help of these ideal sports. Most sports need opposing teams with multiple players to play and win the game. Though they have indoor and outdoor options, the current COVID-19 protocols prohibit people from flocking close together. 

Some countries already made impressive progress on the status of the health crisis, while others still try their best to contain the virus. This setup, unfortunately, keeps people from doing their everyday routines and prevents human interaction. Currently, staying at home must be observed at all times. But this should not be a hurdle in keeping yourself fit and active, especially when there is a dreaded virus that poses a threat to your health.

Luckily, some sports have a low risk of COVID-19 transmission. These activities passed the circumstances that determine the possibility of contraction, including proximity, setting, size of the team, and equipment. If you are looking for the best sports to try this year to keep you safe from coronavirus, this list can surely help you a lot.

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Do you ever wonder how the golf industry managed to return to the spotlight when other sports cannot? This is because golf is an outdoor sport that requires separate putters among players. However, this is quite a challenge to achieve amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The availability of accurate launch monitors and simulators like Flightscope Mevo+ brings the experience to the comfort of your home, not requiring you to travel to the nearest golf course.

5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021

You can also build your indoor golf facility to ensure a safe game between your family members. Still, the new protocols of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that golf is as safe as going on hiking alone. In addition, it becomes a great outlet among sports enthusiasts to get a breath of fresh air and normalcy amid these stressful times.


As long as you maintain safe space and social distancing, cycling around your neighborhood can be one of the best choices to stay active this 2021. Riding alone is the best way to reduce the risk of transmission and to contract the disease. Cycling alone can keep you away from the droplets that contain the virus, so you should plan your route in less crowded places. 

5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021


Archery is, basically, a team sport. However, compared to basketball and volleyball, this does not require close human interactions. Outdoor archery observes restrictions on numbers to prevent possible contact. Most countries already permitted the reopening of their archery facility as long as they adhere to the protocols. You can bring this fun at your home, too, since you can have your bow training and fitness even from a small space.

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5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021


Like golf, bowling joins the world of VR games, allowing people to play the game virtually. Bowling balls mix up in the usual setup, and players can get the virus after holding a contaminated bowling material. But since you opt to play at home, the possibility of cross-contamination stays low. You can even build your cheap but practical bowling alley at home!

5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021


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Inflatable and above ground pools hit the trend tremendously in the past months. Thus, you can freshen up your body while training your lungs in the water even more. As of the writing, swimming in a well-maintained pool with chlorine is safe. Pools built in the backyard also promote good air ventilation among your family members. Since you will be swimming alone or with your family, it makes this sport a safer activity even more.

5 Recommended Sports To Try in 2021

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