Connaught Place has something really good for you : Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews



Connaught place is a hub of cafes, bars and clubs and it sometimes gets so complicated to decide which one to head to for a good date or a rock night. What if you can have a place where you can do both?

Ardor 2.1, is here for your rescue.

Location : No. 55, 56 & 88, 89, Outer Circle, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

Ambience: It is a 2 storeyed cafe/restaurant. The first floor here is for families and food. The second floor is bar and lounge and believe me, it’s beautiful. And for the win, they have terrace seating too, yay!

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

They have got really savage frames on the wall which will definitely make you laugh. The music here is so soothing and calm (on the first floor) with all the positive energy around.

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

The staff here is the best part after food. They are so responsive and polite that you’d want to come here again and again to get those good vibes they spread. The service? You order and it is there; yes super quick! And no doubt they present the food so beautifully, you wouldn’t want to destroy it.

Now, the best part here is The Food.

No joke,We legit had so much food here and nothing was enough for us because the food is so good here!

They serve from everything so amazing. They even have a huge drinks menu from cocktails to mocktails and everything. The menu is HUGE and there are so many options to try.

What all we had


 Virgin Sangria: A drink so refreshing and so fruity and way too amazing. This drink was so colourful and beautiful that it worked as a prop for my instagram feed too, haha. But seriously, this was amazing. Very amazing.

Watermelon LIIT Cocktail: This was 100% organic; no preservatives. This is their very special drink which you have to try (Don’t do underage drinking). With all the gin, vodka, tequila, rum and watermelon juice, this drink is what heaven is made of.

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

Masala soda cooler: A well presented masala soda with all the desi flavours is one of their best drinks to try!

Strawberry Virgin Mojito: We’ve all been loving our classic mint virgin mojito so much that this flavour of mojito is very under appreciated. No doubt, strawberry makes everything better!

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

Cadbury caramel shake: How much we love caramel that we had to try this shake out and we were NOT disappointed. So delicious!

Ardor 2.1 special bounty shake: Oh man, this drink.. ugh. Super, super amazing. The walnut brownie mixed with milk and ice cream, you can’t leave this place without having this.

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews


Butter Chicken Croquettes: These were so different and presented so beautifully. The dip was basically Butter Chicken gravy and were so so delicious and kept us longing for more.

Ardor 2.1 Pricing and Reviews

Murgh Gazab ka seena: As the name suggests, this dish was literally “gazab”. Chicken was stuffed with cheese and dry fruits and it was like the BEST!


Dragon chicken: This place undoubtedly has very unique dishes and their names. This one was so juicy and so crispy and scrumptious.. *foodgasm*


Jack Daniel’s Chicken: Here comes their one of the bestseller dishes; The JD chicken. And We have NO WORDS for how amazing and perfectly rated this dish is, just don’t stop yourself from trying this.


Chilly Chicken: This chilly chicken was tasty, not something special but still very amazing.

Quattro formaggio pizza: Were expecting a cheese pull, but no such phenomena happened, ugh. But no joke, this pizza tastes amazing!

Paneer tikka pizza: They serve thin crust pizzas, and with the paneer tikka toppings, this is the one you can’t go wrong with.


Non-veg platter: A dream for all non vegetarian lovers. How can this be so, so perfect? We can’t get enough.


Main course

Dal Makhani: If we say you can never have a better Dal Makhani than this, believe us. Such a thick and amazing and tasty and ugh, the best one you will find around Delhi, we can bet!



Butter Chicken: Just like the Butter chicken croquettes we talked about before, this is so good!


Walnut Brownie: This one is perfect to tackle your sweet tooth cravings after a HUGE meal at this place. Served with ice cream, this will definitely make you foodgasm over it.

Chocolate Ice cream: Presented so beautifully and perfect for ending your day here on a sweet note.

Ardor 2.1 DRINKS MENU:




Ardor 2.1 Ratings: 4/5


Price: ₹2,000 for two (approx.) with alcohol.

Favourite: Dal Makhani, Murgh Gazab Ka Seena.



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