Best Basketball Games For Fans Of The Sport

Whether you’re an avid watcher of the Milwaukee Bucks or you simply shoot hoops with friends in your spare time, basketball is a fantastic sport in terms of providing entertainment value and enjoyment. High-scoring games, skillful players, and passionate fans make up this exhilarating sport. Away from the court, though, people are sampling basketball-themed games too. When assessing some of the classic releases from over the years, it’s entirely understandable too.

In the modern-day, basketball fans aren’t short on gaming options either, although, over the years, we’ve been treated to some truly faultless titles also. Basketball games have been around since the 1970s, after all, when gamers could initially enjoy playing the sport in the virtual world using an Atari. Since then, we have been inundated with numerous basketball releases as the sport continues to grow and gamers discover the delights of playing basketball titles. They’re generally fast-paced, end-to-end classics that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

Below is a look at some of the best basketball games for fans of the sport, with a mixture of releases being featured, from the modern-day options to some truly memorable classics of old.

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A hugely popular release from 1993, NBA 2K2 is one of the best basketball games ever made. Featuring legends such as Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, the game offered a truly memorable basketball gaming experience thanks to its variety of game modes in particular. From the likes of Fantasy and Franchise to Exhibition and Adjustable Season, it’s a blast to play.

NBA Street Vol. 2

Most people agree that the second instalment in the NBA Street series is the best, although the first title is worth checking out if you haven’t done so before. Afterwards, though, be sure to session NBA Street Vol. 2 – a widely adored basketball game to play from 1990. The PS2 version of the game was a favourite for many in particular, serving up four epic game modes, 29 players to unlock, and some great hip-hop tracks to accompany the gameplay.

Basketball Star on Fire

For some, the appeal of accessing some quick and easy titles on a smartphone device appeals. In the modern-day, a popular option is the Basketball Star on Fire slot game. With five jackpots on offer thanks to a variety of high-paying symbols, Micro gaming’s release is well worth tucking into, especially if you’re tempted by combining your love of the sport with the opportunity to win some real money.


It wouldn’t feel right leaving NBA Jam off the list, a title that has inspired so many games which came after it. It was the first basketball release to introduce the Create-A-Player concept, as well as being the originators of no-rules, everything-is-allowed basketball. Amazingly, Michael Jordan isn’t in the game, though.

Best Basketball Games
Best Basketball Game – NBA Jam

NBA 2K20

The modern-day version of the aforementioned NBA 2K2, NBA 2K20 is another popular basketball game at the moment. In fact, this latest instalment of the franchise is the best-selling NBA game of all time. Player renderings are better than ever before, it features NBA All-Decade teams and WNBA rosters, and its MyCareer storyline is faultless, evening including appearances from familiar stars like Idris Elba.

NBA Live 19

A great option on Xbox One at the moment, NBA Live 19 is a solid alternative to the NBA 2K offering and is preferred by many basketball gamers. Its half-time show is a highlight, the graphics have improved dramatically, and the all-round progression and gameplay is smooth. EA Sports certainly could do with improving the game in areas, but overall it’s an impressive option. 

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