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PM Narendra Modi unveils BHIM App for digital payment

Today at 4:00(Standard Indian time ) Prime Minister Narendra  Modi launched a digital app, “Bhim App “.As per his own words, this app will be used for digital transactions all over the country.  The app Got its name in remembrance of  Dr BR Ambedkar. Prime Minister further added that Ambedkar was a great economist.

 The last person he struggled to society. Struggled to tribals living in forests. Therefore, the name of this new beginning was named after Babasaheb. Bhim app will be unique to the world.

Previously a man who could not read and write used their thumb as a signatory in official documents but the time of using thumb is back again in 2017 with the Bheem App. In his words, he quoted ” emphasising that your thumb, your bank has your identity and your thumb.”

BHIM App for digital payment
BHIM App for digital payment
One of the biggest Advantage of using this app as highlighted by Prime Minister was that the App will not require an internet connection to work.
This means that any user having a mobile can pay through by using the Bhim App.
All the transactions can be made through the app.
Instead of paying through any digital wallet, another .the transfer would be directly from one bank another.
Well, This looks like one of the biggest revolutions for not only India but the world. As per our reports, using the thumb for digital payments is an innovative idea for digital payments and no country till date has used thumb impressions for payments.
Prime Minister also mentioned some points that are worth Evaluation:

He quoted Not even a digital phone or internet connection will be required for the payments. Well, this sounds interesting and challenging as well. If this happens to be true, this will prove to be a solution to many problems including black money, phase .corruption, Bribes etc. 

How To Download BHIM APP.

Download BHIM App for digital payment
Download BHIM App for digital payment

BHIM is referred to as Bharat Interface for money. It is a UPI based payment solution.

Well, For Now, phone .the BHIM application can be used on a smartphone or a regular fphone.However, it will be further updated to make it compatible to use thumb impression to make payments .

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Here is how you can Download

  • Go to play store using this link.
  • Click on Install .
  • Once installed , Click on the icon and open the application .
  • You can select your preffered language.
  • Click on Next to continue .
  • If it asks for permissions, click allow.(This does not harm you in anysense so just click on allow)
  • Tap on “let’s get started”.
  • Now You need to verify your mobile number and it is mandatory that you enter the same mobile number that is in your account details .
  • Select the sim card in case you have a dual sim mobile.
  • Click on next.
  • Your mobile number will be automatically verified.
  • Enter a 4 digit pass-code.
  • Confirm the 4 digit pass-code.
  • Select your bank.
  • You will get a list of bank accounts registered with the number and bank you selected.
  • Select the bank account you want to use with this app.



 The application is a pure sure short example of proper planning.

The sequence of steps to switch to digital payments is worth considering:

Firstly, Demonetization was done so as to pull black money and undeclared income out of the households.
Secondly, the Demand and supply chain was strict as the Supply of new notes was done in a manner that not all currency notes were replaced. This led to an urge to switch to digital payment methods among the people.
And now the Finishing move that links bank accounts with aadhar card and providing people with an efficient way to payments by The Bhim App.
well Done Indian Government .

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