Delhi’s First Tap-Your-Beer Gastropub Now Open !! Smoke on Water Review

Delhi’s First Tap-Your-Beer Gastropub Now Open Smoke on Water Review.

delhi’s first tap-your-beer gastropub : smoke on water Review

Delhi’s First Tap-Your-Beer Gastropub Now Open Smoke on Water Review.

One of the places to visit in Delhi is Gastropub. The place was Delhi’s first tap-your-Beer Gastropub. The place has, however, a different name “Smoke on the water”. The club is located in D block of Connaught Place next to The Embassy restaurant ( i am sure you might have been there ). The newly opened pub offers an experience of sports by the day and rock by the night. The place is open all 7 days between 11 AM to 1 AM.

What’s Different?

As the name suggests Tap-your-beer, it allows people to drink as much as they wish to and pay accordingly. The bar has personal taps on each table and thus the guests do not have to look out for waiters to get their drink. And while this may start to arouse you a little, there are much more fascinating things in the pub than just tap beer system. The place is a heaven for those who love to booze it out with beer.

Location :


smoke on water Review:

Every table has its own tap and beer is served from taps. However, the beer is served only after recharging a refundable card with an amount. This simply means that you can drink beer as long as you have balance in your card.  The place is just not famous for its beer system but Smoke on water is also a delight for chicken lovers as it offers 16 variants of chicken wings !.

Smoke On Water has used a fantastic marketing technology by which, any person passing by can see the reflection of ‘Smoke On Water’ logo right on the floor (only during the night). This is one thing that you will not find in any other pub or restaurant. With such innovative thinking, it would be difficult for you to ignore Smoke On Water easily. The pub has a brick walled interior which makes it apt for photography as well.

Smoke on water is a two floored pub with most preferring sitting on the second floor, the first floor is for the quieter ones. The Second floor has a good spacious seating arrangement and a larger bar as well. The party people generally tend to sit on the second floor. Television screens are all around the pub for entertainment purpose.  This makes the place a perfect place during the match days and you can witness some good crowd. After all, beer and sports go hand in hand.


Now coming to the food :

For starters, you can go for Crispy Onion Rings – Absolute crispy deliciousness.


Mushroom Duplex – The dish comprises of large chunks of mushrooms filled with cheese and vegetables and which are deep fried to perfection. They taste nice and look Gorgeous.

Mango Jerk Chicken Wings – Just one of the sixteen Chicken wings option that you have here. Worth a shot.

Pepperoni Pizza – Lovely. It’s Pizza after all.

Giardino Pizza – The Pizzas here have a thin crust and this one is loaded with veggies. The grilled broccoli in
the toppings were tasty.

Sizzling Chocolaty Chocolate – This is a beauty. Superb presentation.

Desi Pauwaa – The specialty of the place. Describes the entire place in literal terms.

Smoke On Water definitely has some lip-smacking food and the variant is a delight for the foodies. At the same time, the presentation too is impressive. For those who love cocktails, Desi Pauwaas are the perfect option and you just should not be missing out on this. The entire presentation of Desi Pauwaa is very exciting with literally smoking on water being the focus here.

The staff at Smoke On Water is very courteous. They succeed in dealing with all the orders in spite of the thick crowd. What however comes as a major surprise is that the portions served at Smoke On Water is quiet pleasing and the entire meal without the alcohol turns out to be quite reasonable.

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Value For Money – 4.5/5

Overall – 4.5/5

Cost For Two – 1400/-


smoke on water Review
delhi’s first tap-your-beer gastropub : smoke on water Review
delhi’s first tap-your-beer gastropub : smoke on water Review

Note: Try ‘The Big Guy’ burger if you can. It is scrumptious and meant specifically for the Burger lovers. Smoke on water has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place to dine in during the match days, Smoke on Water should be on top of your list. A must visit.



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