For Those who Dont Have Time For Olympics And Nation !!

An Initiative For The Deviated Minds Of The Country.

“Don’t Have Time For Olympics”

Dont Have Time For Olympics

“Hey did you watch the yesterday event? Indians were close to winning a medal, and they just missed by an inch.”

“I don’t have much interest nor have I much time to watch Olympics”

This made me realise that there are actually people who do not have an interest in the world’s biggest sporting event. And I wonder why people are not interested in the biggest event of sports. Mind you, this is just not a sporting event, this is much more for each and every country, for each sportsperson who tries to push him/her to their maximum and even beyond. But why?? The answer is simple: to bring fame and glory to their country.

But there exist people on the planet who ain’t bothered about such events!! I tried to dig into the topic and realised that (this may sound harsh to few but it’s important) some people only exist for themselves and not for the nation. They lack a feeling of “patriotism “. Won’t you feel pride on witnessing a medal ceremony where a person representing your country receives a gold medal? A true patriot will feel a moment of pride and joy and the ones who don’t bother much will skip away by just a few words.


The point I am here mentioning is everybody is busy with some or the other work. Nobody actually can be termed as “free “. But you got to dig some time out of your schedules to support people who are representing your country on a world platform.

Imagine a situation where 220 people each from a different country comes together and starts discussing achievements of their nation at the Olympics! What about you?  You don’t even know the number of players that were part of the contingent. (Many might not even know the meaning of term “contingent”). We are not asking you to leave your important work and watch and support your country but we are asking your inner soul “were you actually busy”, “chatting over social media was more important than your country?” Think over, you are representing your country and nobody is supporting you and your efforts! How will you feel? You might feel for whom I was trying so hard? my countrymen are not even bothered about my efforts , late .then why should I starve myself for success ? .. Do you want them to feel like this?

We do not want that our sportsperson who are there trying their level best to feel that their countrymen are not bothered about them. (I hope now even you don’t want this to happen). What are you waiting for? It’s never late.Switch on your television and start praying (we all are good at praying in tough times: P). Let everybody know that we are behind them and are supporting them with the true spirit of patriotism. Go Team India :).

Dont Have Time For Olympics



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