Durgotsav in mumbai : An Experience for Lifetime

Durga puja and Durgotsav’

Durgotsav in mumbai

Durgotsav in mumbai : Mumbai is an amalgamation of various cultures likes-Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi. Navratre is much awaited and biggest festival which is celebrated by all with great pomp and show, everybody here celebrate it according to their own cultures and traditions .

Durgapuja in mumbai

Starting from Gujaratis and kuchhi, they buy mud Garbas(matka or traditional earthen) that signifies prosperity and place them in their home on the first day of navratre. communities come together to worship Goddess Durga and to play garba, where the crowd moves together in a synchronised circular movement.

Durgotsav in mumbai

DURGA who was called upon by the God to defeat Mahishasur. The battle was fought over nine nights culminated in the victory of the Goddess and the tenth day “vijaya Dashmi” brought the triumph of good over evil.

Durgapuja in mumbai

On all the nine days, people wear beautiful ghahra-cholis and lehengas, event like “Naitik Nagada and FAlguni Pathak” take place.Also, Navratre is the time to celebrate the soil fertility and monsoon harvest. The soil is worshipped and watered all the nine days of navratras.

Durgotsav in mumbai

Coming to Bengalis, they decorate pandals with Intrinsic artwork done by articians from Kolkata and worship Goddess “Durga”- DURGOTSAV. The nine day event that culminates with ‘Bijaya Dashmi’.

Durgotsav in mumbai

Certain dance performances followed by a Bhog(prasad) takes place. BHOG includes- khichudi, labda,beguni, paayesh and mishti.

Durgotsav in mumbai

Food and dresses stalls including Bengali cuisine,chaat,sweets,Mughlai, continental and fussion foods, dupatas, kanjivaram saaris, jewellery and home decorating are also there.

Durgapuja in mumbai

Maharashtrians and south Indians, folllow a custom of “haldi-kumkum” for all married ladies and they worship Goddess Durga and MahaLaxmi. Followed by prasad that includes-kumkum, coconut and ladies ‘shringhar’. If you are looking for places to celebrate durga puja ( durgotsav ) in mumbai then no need to google different places . Every street in Mumbai celebrates durga puja in their own way and every durgotsav is special in their own way .



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