Facts That Prove Ancient India Was More Broadminded Than Today .

Ancient India Was More Broadminded.

1. Ancient women had liberty to earn money and spend it the way they liked.


According to Manusmriti, there was no restriction on women to work and earn money. They enjoyed equal status as men, Neither they were answerable to anyone on how they spend money. They lived the life the way they wanted to. It’s sad to know that today’s scenario is completely changed.

2. In ancient times, men were not allowed to beat his wife and women were never forced to have sex.


According to Mahabharata, women enjoyed high status in the society. They were never forced to have sex. If she did not want to get intimate, nobody could force her. Unlike today when women are sexually harassed and abused

3. Women had full control over their life. They had freedom of choosing their own life partner.


Unlike today when girls are forced to marry the guy of parent’s choice, the ancient women had full control over their life. They were given full freedom to choose their life partner. She could also opt to remain a spinster.

4. Women were allowed to study Vedas, sacred texts etc. They could even choose to be an Acharya or teacher.


Ancient women were allowed to read sacred texts. They used to lead the religious assemblies. In the Rig Veda society, women enjoyed the free and esteemed position

5. There was no gender bias in the field of literature.


The role of ancient women in the field of literature was immense. There were many learned ladies during that time. There were a few women who did not marry and studied Vedas. According to Jain texts, women were allowed to remain a spinster and study religion and philosophy

6. The art that displayed sexual acts of love was never criticised.


The sexual acts of love which were displayed on the walls of temples were never questioned. People had open views and thoughts about that. Some of the great pieces of work can be seen by us today on the walls of Khajuraho and Markandeswar temples.

7. Unlike today, daughters and sons were given equal rights to look after their parents.



According to Manusmriti, daughters and sons were given equal right to look after their parents in old age. They were given equal rights and opportunities



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