I Am The Father of The Girl That Died In Dhaka

I Am The Father of The Girl That Died In Dhaka.

by Junaid Ali

Tweets, messages, call of condolences.

tarishi jain funeral

These things have become a part of Sanjeev Jain’s life. Once a happy businessman, now a helpless father. Pain, sadness and a lifelong regret that’s what this man is going through. All he can do is cry, weep and believe what has happened with his family was destiny. He must be questioning himself why I was chosen for such a misery. Many thoughts may have haunted him each night from that very day. What if I shouldn’t allow her to go??. What if I kept on missing her and not asked her to come to dad. Why the hell did I move to this country and leave my own motherland? Thoughts are part of his regret now. Sanjeev Jain who was living in Dhaka for the past 15-20 years faced a misery. His 19-year-old daughter was killed by a gunman in a cafe in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh). Tarishi Jain was studying in Berkeley. She along with her three friends came to Dhaka to spend their holidays. One of her friends called her father saying.”We all will die one by one” when they were trying to protect themselves by locking themselves in cafe’s washroom. Tarishi Jain was cremated on Monday in Guru Gram.

Mother of tarishi jain
Grieving Mother of Trisha Jain (L) at the Delhi Airport on the arrival of her body on 4th July 2016, Express photo by Renuka Puri

“I have spoken to her father Shri Sanjeev Jain and conveyed our deepest condolences. The country is with them in this hour of grief”

-Sushma Swaraj.

“The attack in Dhaka has pained us beyond words. I spoke to PM Sheikh Hasina & strongly condemned the despicable attack”.

“My thoughts are with the bereaved families. I pray that those who are injured recover quickly”.

Narendra Modi

(Honourable Prime Minister)

Nobody can bring my daughter back now but I have to live with this regret: why !!  why did I called my daughter and asked her to come back to dad 🙂



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