Good Magazines to Read to Learn About Home Improvement

Improving your home is a lifelong endeavor. Many people improve their homes countless times over the decades of their homeownership. Home improvement can entail redoing the kitchen cupboards, repainting the walls, adding on a room, redoing the flooring, beautifying the garden, redoing the roofing and so much more. 

Some home improvement endeavors can be completed by the person who owns the home and some must be completed by professionals in their trade. Here are three home improvement magazines to read in order to learn how to improve your home.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is a quality publication that has been circulated since the year 1922. The topic of the publication is how to maintain a quality home and garden as a homeowner. They touch on topics like replacing your kitchen cabinets, bypass barn door hardware, and also on topics regarding landscaping. You can reference this magazine in order to learn not only about how to maintain your home but also how to maintain the exterior of your home, namely the landscaping.

Magazines About Home Improvement - Better Homes and Gardens
Magazines About Home Improvement and Gardens – Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens frequently runs special editions about how to maintain certain areas of the home. Are you looking to replace the cabinetry in your kitchen? More likely than not, you do not have the same level of expertise as a professional carpenter so you should not just take on the job blindly. If for some reason you want to take on the job yourself, reference a periodical like Better Homes and Gardens. 

If you go to the library, you may be able to check out Better Homes and Gardens that specifically centers around replacing kitchen cabinets. This periodical can be referenced at the local library in order to find editions that specialize in whichever project you are about to take on. When you check out the magazine, make sure to treat it with care as you will need to return it in the condition in which it was checked out.

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

This is a publication that includes instructions on how to do do-it-yourself projects in your home. It focuses on hands-on work having to do with real renovations. Fine Homebuilding gives instructions on how to remodel kitchens, remodel bathrooms, and install cabinetry. It also gives instructions on how to install flooring and surfaces.

Magazines About Home Improvement - Fine Homebuilding
Magazines About Home Improvement – Fine Homebuilding

You can look to this publication to gain know-how on how to do these projects yourself if you want to skip paying a carpenter to do them. Keep in mind you should do a lot of thorough research with these publications before actually doing the project, as they do involve performing a skilled trade. It is not to say that you are not capable of completing the projects, but you should take them seriously and carefully work on developing your trade before you actually do the project.

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HGTV Magazine

This is a magazine that’s actually designed after one of the more popular television channels. The HGTV channel features home improvement TV shows. They came out with a magazine in order to assist homeowners in completing their own home improvement tasks. Some of the writers for this magazine are carpenters and experts in the field of home repair. You should reference this magazine as a serious and reputable resource for learning about home improvement.

Magazines About Home Improvement - HGTV
Magazines About Home Improvement – HGTV

Just like the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you are able to check out editions of the HGTV magazine from the local library. This way, you can check out an edition of the magazine that is relevant to the project which you are about to embark upon. You may also choose to purchase the HGTV magazine from your local drug store, grocery store, or department store that carries magazines.

It is an excellent reference to determine how to start on a home improvement project and to start honing your skills in home improvement. You will be glad that you checked out this magazine before completing your home improvement project because it is written by experienced home builders who have much knowledge to offer about the subject.

Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Homebuilding, and HGTV Magazine are all excellent resources when it comes to refurbishing your home. Don’t be shy to check out these magazines from the library or purchase them at your local store. You will find them to be very educational when it comes to the subject of Home improvement.

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