Here is Why We Should be Proud Of Our Indian Air Force : Lesser Known Facts About Indian Airforce

Why We Should be Proud Of Our Indian AirForce

Facts about Indian AirForce

Lesser Known Facts about Indian AirForce

They say ” If no one can do it, its the Indian Airforce that can “. Indian air force has a recorded history of being one of the finest airforces in the world in war combat situations as well as in relief scenarios. So one this AirForce Day here is a list of things that every Indian must know as to why Indian air force is considered to be the best among the world.

Indian AirForce is the 4th largest Airforce in the world.

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The number is always of great importance but when numbers meet perfection You know its Indian air force. India is just behind United States of America, China, and Russia. Indian air force has a total of 1380 aircrafts which include a major proportion of fighters ( 700). Apart from fighter jets, 6 refueling tanker aircrafts that facilitate fueling of other planes is with India. A total of 188 helicopters including 33 attack helicopters and 156 transport helicopters are there with India to combat in any situations. 133 Transport and 158 trainer aircrafts along with 200 UAV’s and 265 fighter aircrafts Safeguards Indian Borders in the Sky.

The Siachen Glacier AirForce station is the highest air force station in terms of altitude.

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It is measured that the station is at a height of 22000ft or 6706 meters. Despite no enemy battles at Siachen, it is still considered a very tough job and only limited personnels are been allowed to fly up to Siachen.

Hindon AirForce Station is the biggest airforce station in Asia. It currently stands 8th in the world in terms of f airbase and area. THE STATION is 14km rounded and 21sq mi. The station is of great strategic importance considering the fact that it is closer to northwestern boundaries of the nation.

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Indian airforce is also known for their peace work. Operation Rahat was one of the biggest civilian rescue operation ever carried out on in the World. 

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The operation was carried out to evacuate civilians who were stuck in the floods.  Rescue Operation was carried out in Uttarakhand in the year 2013. The operation was carried out in phases and it is believed that a total of 20 thousand people were airlifted. Along with it, a total of 3,82,400 relief material and equipment were dropped.

The Indian AirForce unit ” The garud Commando Force “

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is a special unit which was formed in 2004. The unit specializes in counterinsurgency operations and emergency situations. The unit is formed to respond to terror attacks on airfields. The garud unit has nearly 2000 Specially trained people who safeguard critical air force basis.With the motto of Gun, Guts and Glory terrorist will fear to attack any air force base.

As per Technology, the Indian airforce was considered weaker than Pakistan air force in 1965 . 

But technology is not the only thing that matters in a cutthroat situation. The Indian airforce brave pilots fought brave and cut down Pakistani Sabres with such ferocity that the Gants came to known as ‘Sabre Slayers’.

Lesser Known Facts about Indian AirForce

With the motto of  ” Touch the sky with Glory, ” Indian airforce works their lives out protecting rescuing and safeguarding the nation and its people in every situation. Feel proud to have an air force like the Indian air force. We congratulate Indian air force on their 85th air force day.



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