Enjoy a perfect weekend with Laat Saab- Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews

Where to eat in Delhi: Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews

Good Places to eat in Delhi Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews

Looking for a perfect way to celebrate your festive season? You can’t go wrong with the food. But where to get that oh-so-amazing food around Delhi NCR? Well, Laat Saab is here to end all those interrogations.

Good Places to eat in Delhi Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews

The place is a casual dining place where you can hang out with a group of friends or your family to have the authentic North Indian and Lucknowi cuisine, and undoubtedly have a quality time with a great staff and an economical menu.

Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Location

Laat Saab Location: Gardens Galleria Mall, 3rd Floor, Noida, Delhi

Good Places to eat in Delhi Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews


Such a beautiful place. The inside of the restaurant has all the Rajasthani themed decor and the outdoor seating has rickshaws to sit on. Isn’t that very amazing?

Good Places to eat in Delhi Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews



Okay, the service was just perfect! Not too fast, but not too slow either. They know when to serve what. And the staff is so polite and welcoming, you’d want to go back to their good vibes.
The manager was very friendly and made sure everything is done to perfection, and none of them failed. Everything was perfect.

Good Places to eat in Delhi Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews

Laat Saab Food :


Coming to the part everyone waits for, The Food. Being food reviewers, we always order quite a lot of things to try out and let everyone know everything about it so your money doesn’t get wasted.

Laat Saab Drinks Menu:


  1. Shikanjvi: A drink after a long festive day to rejuvenate yourself is a must. And this drink is made for this. Yummy!
  2. Safed Gulab Sherbet: Apparently, Sherbets are their specialty so We had to try one; We don’t regret it. Rather, We ordered it twice, haha. With that sweet white rose fragrance and taste, this is a must-have here.

    Laat Saab Drinks Menu
  3. Watermelon cooler: Watermelon itself is very refreshing, when mixed with soda and masala it becomes what? A dream? Yes. Undoubtedly.

    Laat Saab Drinks Menu
  4. Mint Lassi: Yet another refreshing and tasty drink from Laat Saab, the mint lassi. Salty lassi with loads of pudina leaves is a perfect way to refresh yourself.

    Laat Saab Drinks Menu

Laat Saab Food Menu



  1. Paneer Tikka: This has the softest Paneer of all times. It dissolves in your mouth with all those spices and sauces giving you the foodgasm you are looking for. This has to be our favorite thing here.

    Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Food Menu
  2. Videshi chicken tikka: You’d think this is a normal chicken tikka, but it ain’t. This is different and so better! This is again a special dish here and is totally worth every money spent on it. Do try this once you are here.

    Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Food Menu
  3. Afghani Chicken: We love this everywhere, but here it was beyond amazing. With a slight hint of cardamom or elaichi, this gives the perfect flavor to your food which you’d definitely love.

    Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Food Menu

Main Course:


  1. Dal Makhani: A staple for whenever you are out for a dinner. So creamy, so thick and oh-so-delicious and undoubtedly a must try here.
  2. Chicken Tikka Lababdar: One of our favorite things here. It is so spicy and full of different flavors that you cannot resist from eating it the whole way. The chicken was tender making it an absolutely perfect dish. Again, A MUST TRY here.

    Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Food Menu

 Laat Saab Desserts:


  1. Phirni: After eating everything mentioned above, we were so full that a Phirni was the only thing we could have for desserts. This is the best way to end your perfect day with some more festive vibes with this vibrant and colorful Phirni which tastes as amazing as it looks.

    Laat Saab Pricing and Reviews: Laat Saab Desserts


Laat Saab Menu:


Price: ₹1,000 for two.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Must Haves:

  • Safed Gulab Sherbet ₹95
  • Paneer tikka ₹355
  • Videshi Chicken Tikka ₹445
  • Chicken Tikka Lababdar ₹425





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