Largest Standoff between India and China compelled India to take this Step.

Largest Standoff between India and China, India sends more troops in Sikkim

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Largest Standoff between India and China compelled India Government to appoint More Army Soldiers.The stand-off between the Indian soldiers and Chinese troop from almost a month has prompted India to expand its army in Doka La near Sikkim. India is an idol of peace and tries to build healthy relationships with all nations.The aggressive tactics played by the Chinese army has bothered India to strengthen its position in areas near Sikkim. The stand-off by Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army) continued for approximately one month is the largest since 1962.
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In 1962, India was backfired by China and since the indian government had a strong faith in their friendship with China. Fewer army men were employed at the Indo-china border.  The Chinese thought of it as an opportunity to claim Arunachal Pradesh and declared war. All of a sudden large Chinese army crossed international borders and overpowered the very few brave Indian soldiers who fought till their last breath. In 1962, It was tough to send army forces in such a terrain in no time. Due to which, Indian soldiers ran out of ammunition and eventually were martyred.

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However, the Indian government looks cautious this time and employment of forces in the terrain is a better and sound plan against the oppurtunist “Chinese Army ” .

These are the areas from where Chinese army has been intruding in the past .


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This is what all happened last month.

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India was compelled by Chinese People’s Liberation Army to push in more troops to Sikkim. Recently, PLA has destroyed two bunkers of the Indian army. The Indian army is in a non-combative mode as far for now. A noncombative mode, in general, s appointing larger forces at the border but their guns are pointed downwards and not towards the enemy.

It all started on June 1st, 2017 when Chinese army warned India to remove the bunkers set up in Doka La near Sikkim at tri-border area of India-Bhutan-Tibet. In 2012 India had setup these bunkers because the army did patrol in this area. The motive of these bunkers was to provide security to Bhutan –China border. It was even a backup option for India in a time of emergency. Ultimately on June 6th China without any fear of violating the international laws destroyed the Indian bunkers with bulldozers. China has always been claiming wrong about owing the area where Indian bunkers were set.

The Indian soldiers in no time gave a befitting reply to the China troops and kicked them back. The Indian army dint stepped back and stopped them from further damage of the army. This trespassing from China forced Indian Brigade headquarters to move additional forces located 20km away from the point of lapse. According to China’s foreign ministry, Indian troops were the ones to cross the border and enter into China’s land. China accused the Indian government of betraying them by crossing the line of control and breaking the 1890 treaty. The 1890 treaty was formed to demarcate the boundary between Tibet and Sikkim. China

The 1890 treaty was formed to demarcate the boundary between Tibet and Sikkim. China dint got an end yet they refused to allow the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims. In 2013 Chinese army entered 30km into the Indian Territory till Depsang plains and claimed it theirs. However, they were pushed back. In 2008 China troops destroyed some makeshift Indian bunkers.
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Army Chief General Bipin Rawat made a sudden visit to the area of controversy in Sikkim. The visit by the Army Chief gave a confidence to the army and made the troop stronger. The visit by Bipin Rawat holds strong message for China to stay in limits and not to cross the international boundaries.  Will China have any transform from these warnings or it needs a complete treatment?


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