Book Review: Durjoy Dutta’s Our impossible love

Book review by KANIKA DAWALIA

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Hi again! Hope you liked the last review of “Till the last breath” by Durjoy Dutta.

Coming again this week I have decided to do a book review of “Our impossible Love” by Durjoy Dutta.

This time we are not talking about engineering colleges at all. nada! The writer in this book of his has experimented with his characters and has succeeded in telling an extraordinary story once again.

It’s a love story about a 17-year-old girl named Aisha Paul and her school counsellor Danish Roy.

The book talks about Aisha who is trying to discover who she is and what kind of woman she wants to become. Unlike most of the teenagers in their adolescence, Aisha is a free-spirited outspoken girl who likes to share her thoughts with everyone and is not afraid of being seemingly odd in the crowd.

This approach of hers towards her life lands her in the counselor’s room of her school because speaking clearly about oneself is unacceptable in the Indian community where girls are supposed to behave in a certain manner.

Danish Roy, on the other hand, is kind of a failure, failing in his 3rd year of college in psychology against his younger brother is an excellent techno freak who is already driving around in a Mercedes because of his excellence.

Aisha in the process of discovering herself and welcoming every new experience with open arms meets a tragedy of sexual assault by her boyfriend, which is technically not considered as an assault in the eyes of the Indian community because she was asking for it.

The book very interestingly shines a light on the issue of sexual harassment and the approach of our community in dealing with it and poses the question of what actually is rape? Is a girl raped enough to call it rape or not?

It raises a variety of youth issues like an emotional turmoil of a boy Sarthe Paul (Aisha’s brother) discovering that he is gay and the importance of understanding the concept and accepting it.
Danish a nervous counselor helps Aisha to deal with her issues and the sexual assault with full strength and falls in love with her and discovers that he may not be a complete failure after all.

In the starting, you may find the book a little too weird but isn’t it what adolescence is? Being weird. The story takes turns with the introduction of new characters and you get engrossed in the book.

The book is a rollercoaster ride that teaches you small things about life and the kinds of pressure that the youth deals with.

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