Reason Behind Popularity Of Realme Phones In India

Realme has become a significant smartphone manufacturer in India, providing top specifications
at lower costs. It is part of the China-based BKK Electronics Corporation which is also the parent
of other popular brands like OPPO, vivo and OnePlus. In a fairly short period in the Indian market,
the Realme phone has become a popular choice amongst brand-agnostic buyers who do not bear
loyalty towards any specific brand. There are multiple reasons behind this surge in popularity,
some of which are described below.

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Price Positioning

A large section of Indian phone users is more bothered with the price of the phone rather than the
technical specifications. Neither can they afford premium smartphones, nor do their usage style
requires them to own one. realme was quick to latch on to this sentiment and positioned the realme
phones and accessories in the entry-level and mid-segment price ranges. Once properly established
in the Indian market, they have also come with some mid-budget models like the Realme 8 that
compete with Samsung and Xiaomi phones in their segment.

Reason Behind Popularity Of Realme Phones In India
Reason Behind Popularity Of Realme Phones In India – Price Positioning

Value for Money

Just providing cheaper phones may not be a sustainable business model. Keeping this in mind,
Realme phones come with an above-average configuration that can cater to a diverse range of
users. When combined with low-cost pricing, features like RAM, storage, hexa-core processors,
high megapixel cameras, and long battery life, end up providing high value for your money.

eCommerce Based Sales

Realme’s marketing strategy was built around removing/reducing the involvement of middlemen
in their sales process. Using e-commerce sites, the brand has been able to cut costs significantly.
The benefit of these savings is passed on to the customers, which is how Realme phones can
maintain their competitive pricing and still provide excellent features and specifications.

Low Production Cost

Realme has also been strengthening its localization strategy with sourcing and production of
several components from India. Not only is it helping boost the economy and provide a favourable
opinion of the brand as a result, but it is also useful in reducing the costs in making those
components and the avoidance of export duties and fees incurred in getting parts from outside,
which is done by quite a few of the competitors. By making parts in India and assembling them
here, the brand can efficiently sell in the Indian market at aggressive handset costs. This model has
worked so well for Realme that the brand has started expanding to European markets, using the
phones made in India.


The biggest reason for the surge in popularity of Realme phones has been their low-cost catalogue.
But the variety of models the brand offers is another important factor. Realme 8, for instance, is
one of its latest launches which comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage and is 5G compatible.
The configuration and performance are at par with any of the models offered by its competitors in
the segment and the handset is priced under Rs. 20,000.

Disruptive Branding

Established in 2018, Realme sold 25 million units in 2019, 50 million shipments in 2020 and 100
million units already in 2021! This is a staggering growth by any standards and can be attributed
to creating a disruptive change in the market’s low, mid and high-end phone segments. In fact, the
recently launched Realme GT series has been advertised as a ‘flagship killer’ to provide more
disruption and increase popularity by offering a wide array of flagship features for budget-minded

Not Just Phones

The same business concepts used in Realme phones also provide several state-of-the-art
accessories, carefully designed and priced for the people on the move. Wireless in-ear buds,
Realme Air Neos (like AirPods), Realme fitness tracker and Realme watch are just some of the
examples of the different smart-technology devices provided by Realme, which follow the strategy
of aggressive pricing with high performance.

Reason Behind Popularity Of Realme Phones In India
Not Just Phones , Realme Has Some Great Accessories too

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