Sasural Simar Ka Should be renamed as The Troll Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka Should be renamed as The Troll Simar Ka
-Soumya Saxena

“Sasural Simar Ka” is a daily soap that airs on Colors. It has been on the air for more than 3 years.It started on the concept of women empowerment by highlighting the fact that women should follow their dreams even after their marriage. This show has now however turned into an unrealistic and unimaginable drama and is now one of the most trolled television shows ever. It is now breaking all the rules of logic and rationality.

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Recently twitter got filled with tweets regarding the concept of ‘Game of Thrones- Hall of Fame’ which was copied miserably by ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. It was a complete rip-off of the original teaser. This serial also showed the lead Simar had turned into a Makkhi (a housefly). This has taken social media by storm. Twitter and Facebook were all loaded with funny memes.

This is not all. In one of the episodes, Roli, who is Simar’s sister in the show, kills a black cat and then bad luck followed her and the entire Bhardwaj family. Roli’s character also displayed funny shades when Avika Gor decided to quit the show sometime back. TV actress Sana Khan was brought in and the story progressed that Roli was not real Roli but in reality, she was an Icchadhari Nagin. Later real Roli finally gets the Trishul from some random Aghori baba and kills the Icchadhari Nagin aka the fake Roli.

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From Icchadhari Nagin to Patali Devi who possesses Simar and wants to kill her husband Prem, this show has done it all. Hang on, after Nagin and Patali Devi, the makers introduced a Daayan in the house who was out there to attack Prem and Simar.
Now ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ is no more Simar’s, it’s almost a ‘Sasural Dayan, Nagin. Atma Ka’ show….and I am very happy with the fact that this show or dramatic and highly innovative show is soon going to go OFFscreen! .i hope that this production team dies out of imagination when they come back with a different show! 🙂



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