Some Unique Gift Ideas for Diwali that will Make You think twice

Some Unique Gift Ideas for Diwali that will Make You think twice

Unique Gift Ideas for Diwali

Diwali 2018 is here!!
It’s a time of giving away your loved ones a gift that they could cherish. After all, It’s a time to shower our love, care, and blessings. Wouldn’t our celebrations get merrier if we have some unique Diwali gifting ideas? We would want our gifts to be remembered and definitely not be passed down to others.
Don’t think too hard coz we have come up with the best Diwali gift ideas for you.

Natural Air Purifier

Just in case you are living in an area with higher pollution levels. This Diwali gift could be the best to gift to everyone, this natural air purifier. This is a pouch which contains some ingredient including charcoal. They absorb the air pollutants and keep your room, or in this case, the gift receiver’s room, always fresh. They are affordable so you can easily gift them. Moreover, they will be a very unique gift as not everyone knows about them and people can use them wherever they want. Give at least 4 or 5 of them in the gift.



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Have you ever thought of gifting a holiday for your loved ones? Yes, a holiday is a unique Diwali gifting idea. Make this festival special for your parents who have spent a lifetime to ensure your comfort. It’s a perfect time to gift them a wonderful holiday experience.


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A book is like a best friend-always there for you. How about presenting this best friend as a present? If someone has been talking about reading a particular author, surprise them with this best Diwali gift idea. You can also choose a book as per the interest of the person. For instance, a person who loves to read romantic novels would be delighted to add another one to their collection.


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We are living in an urban jungle. A little greenery is only going to cheer us up! A plant that scores low on maintenance is a super hit Diwali gift idea 2017. You will also agree that a potted plant can give an unbeatable whiff of freshness.

Homemade Food Items

Unique Gift Ideas for Diwali

We all make Diwali delicacies at our homes. How about making a few batches more? Home cooked specialties can any day beat the ones bought from the stores. You may gift any dish you are best at. Else, you could choose from items that can be prepared in large batches, e.g.laddoo, matthi, nankhatai. These can be cooked and packed in advance. Isn’t it a yummy Diwali gift idea 2017.


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Have you ever thought of gifting someone your time? In today’s fast-paced life, we have a huge contact list on our phones. However, real relationships are few. There must be some relative or friend, you have been waiting to catch up with, but just couldn’t. Make the festival special by spending some time with them.

Making a gift memorable is quite simple – just spare a moment for the person who will be receiving the present. With these Diwali gift ideas 2018, I can assure you a super special festival!

Happy Diwali!




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