Tell me your Dreams : A book that will Scare you !!

Tell me your Dreams-Sidney, Sheldon

By Kanika Dawalia

Tell me your Dreams Book Review
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Genre: thriller

This was the first-ever book that scared me to bits as I was very young when I read it. This week I am here with a thriller book review. Ashley Patterson is the protagonist of our story, a graphic designer working for a large company. She is kind of an introvert and likes to be alone. Her colleague, Toni Prescott, a British lady who loves singing and dancing, does not understand her, and neither does Italian Alette Peters, an artist. Ashley is terrified because she is certain that she is being stalked, and has no one that she can talk to, and does not want to sound paranoid. She has a strange relationship with her father, Dr. Patterson, who is a very successful doctor, but who has a temper and is incredibly protective of her.

The story builds further as she discovers on a business trip to Canada that her high school boyfriend has been found murdered and castrated in a very brutal way followed by more stories of murders of several men who had met the same fate.

While in Canada, another man is murdered in much the same fashion, and just so happens to be the man that Toni Prescott was falling in love with. Returning to the States, Ashley requests Deputy Sam Blake to stay with her one night after someone writes a threatening message on her mirror. The next morning, she is woken by screams and discovers that he has been murdered. Ashley is arrested in her home when her prints and DNA match all the other brutal crime scenes.

Everything seems to crumble for Ashley as she is unable to figure out what is happening to her.

Dr. Patterson contacts lawyer David Singer, a young man who had once begged Dr. Patterson to save his mother’s life, and who respected the man immensely.

As David takes the case he learns that Ashley, Toni, and Allen are the same people. It is a case of Multiple personality disorder.

Will David be able to get Ashley off? Is she really suffering from such disorder or is it just a defense strategy?

I read this book when I was very young and at that time the concept of multiple personalities fascinated me endlessly.

Tell Me Your Dreams is quite an interesting read and is sure to keep you stuck to it, if only to see how it turns takes you through the courtroom dramas and psychological abilities and disabilities of the mind and will leave you dumbstruck with awe.

The book has a very interesting catchphrase that is stuck in my head till now- “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, The monkey thought ‘was all in fun, popgoes the weasel.”

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