Top 10 Instagram Video Editing Platforms

The popularity of Instagram reels is at an all-time high. People are increasingly choosing this short video format to produce interesting personal and business material. The customizable elements in a reel video make it flexible and open the door to creative innovation.

Thus, individuals may create Instagram reels that capture the viewers’ attention and gain views and supporters quickly. The additional advantage of utilizing video editing applications for Instagram is that it improves the reels and provides aesthetic excellence.

There are numerous professional tools available that enable users to edit and customize Instagram reels. Thus, with the best Instagram video editor, you can quickly improve your videos directly on your phone. This article lists the 10 best video editing applications with a brief overview of their features.

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Top 10 Instagram Video Editing Platforms


The first program on our list is InVideo, an easy-to-use Instagram video editor that can be used for editing your movies with a friendly user interface and easy-to-use design in only a few minutes.

More than 4,000 video templates can be found on the program, which allows you to immediately retrieve the right theme for your Instagram video. You can add text to any movie and upload medium files or your own script.

Invideo - Easy to Use Video Editing Platform
Invideo – Easy to Use Video Editing Platform

The smart video assistant or IVA is the most intriguing aspect of the program. This function allows you to obtain superior controls for any video editing project.

When you first use this Instagram video editor, check the free plan and try it for many days. You may subscribe to the Pro edition to get access to additional functionality if you find it helpful.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe offers some of the world’s finest video editing tools. The same goes with Adobe Premiere Rush. This editing application is similar to Adobe Premiere Pro and may help you make your movies more polished and professional with only a few easy clicks.

It includes the famous drag-and-drop function which is a simple method to rapidly modify movies. Some of the editing choices include adding music and stickers, enhancing colors, and zooming.

Adobe Premier Rush Logo
Adobe Premier Rush

The image view is also extremely helpful. You can use this program free of charge for all basic functions, but you need a subscription plan for additional premium features.


An amazing cloud video editing application that allows you to discover hundreds of pictures, videos, and soundtracks that may be utilized in your own making. True, the editor is extremely simple to use and has many functions.

We Video - Online Video Editor
We Video – Online Video Editor

You may lay an additional movie, add pictures, and even enter any text you want. Since this is a cloud-based editor, you have just 10 GB of storage for video creation. The program has a professional and free plan and you may pick anything according to your budget.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci has established the highest standards when talking about the finest video editing tools in the decade. The program has HDR grading capabilities, sophisticated primary color settings, an AI-based magic mask, and the new Fairlight audio engine.

Da Vinci Resolve
Da Vinci Resolve

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This is the greatest program you may use if you believe that your requirements tend to be a bit more professional-oriented. The extremely quick and updated editing interface enables you to choose from more than 2000 audio files and is the best option for 8K and 4K video editing.


If you’ve got anything to animate, you should check Animoto out. To use this program, you do not need a great degree of expertise or experience. This program was designed to let even novices easily edit their movies. The easy themes and subtle effects make your movies appealing.


Best of all, you can modify more than one picture at a time using this video editor. You may select from a number of free-to-use slideshow styles and themes. Use “Add” to enter your favorite songs and audio files without too much difficulty.


Wave is also unbelievably popular among today’s producers of Instagram content. With Wave, you can connect your films in minutes and create square videos perfect for Instagram.

There are all sorts of elegant text effects to select from, and even if you do not have your own film but want to practice, you may choose from more than 200 million movies on almost any subject.

Many people see Instagram videos with the sound turned off, but the text overlay feature may help you get your message across when you just enjoy your film with the eyes. In the landscape and vertical formats, if you require your video, simply change the format and download it again.


HippoVideo also offers a variety of advantages for today’s Instagram users. You can cut clips, add text, utilize emojis, and import videos from anywhere with our Instagram story video editor.


You may also add as many videos and audio tracks as you need, and incorporate entry and final cards into your work using the sophisticated editing tools accessible to you. Hippo Video even informs you how your video does and how many views it receives so that you may password-protect films.


You don’t have to worry about ugly watermarks or restricted disruptive time while using FilmoraGo. This program makes it simple to produce effects and music videos and offers a complete pocket video studio.

Photo and video may be easily mixed, interesting themes and effects used and a number of common ratios chosen.

Video Editor without watermark - Filmora
Video Editor without watermark – Filmora

FilmoraGo is an all-in-one video editor that includes several specialized editing features, including the slow/fast motion editor, duplication, duration adjustment, and reverse playback. Some people believe this is the finest video editor on Instagram.


With Splice, you can create snappy, beautiful Instagram reels. The simple, professional editing features in splice let you easily and accurately edit Instagram reels. Enhance or produce interesting videos with ease.

iOS users can also try Splice
iOS users can also try Splice

Single touch to add Hollywood-style effects and then share them with your friends and family. Splice is undoubtedly one of the biggest applications accessible for video editing. It is exclusively for iPhone or iPad usage, though.


KineMaster, a simple to use video editor for Instagram bobbles, is preferred by amateurs and expert editors alike. The multi-track editing tool allows users to see up to 9 recordings and combine layers to create amazing effects that grab attention immediately.

This popular editor has been around for some time

Dynamic movies are also accessible via the keyframe animation tool. You may create Instagram reels that are extremely engaging and distinctive by utilizing the picture-in-picture feature.


Videos are increasingly important to distinguish your social presence. And Instagram’s new reels feature is a fantastic way to do that. The high level of engagement that reels generate guarantees that your profile attracts a lot of views and increases your followers.

You can simply create and modify Instagram reels directly on these apps. But if you’re searching for methods to add anything to your movies, we recommend that you use video editing applications.

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