How Students Can Write an Interesting Essay About Travel

Traveling is always fun. When traveling, we observe a different life, interacting with locals and new cultures. It expands our horizons and makes us more mature. Not to mention that we gain experience and start looking at things differently. And the best way to share such impressions with others is in the form of an essay.

Essay writing is an everyday task in academia. Apart from attending lectures and taking exams, students often have to write essays. The concept of an essay is to help one develop their writing, logical, and critical thinking skills. And although many don’t like completing writing assignments, essays are a great chance to express yourself, especially if you write a paper about traveling. We have cooperated with experts from WritingCheap and came up with a practical step-by-step guide to writing an essay about traveling. Read on to learn more.

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Choosing a Journey

Every essay should revolve around a specific topic, so choosing a journey is essential. It is also crucial to remember that a story must be complete, i.e., it has to have an introduction, climax with rising action, and conclusion. List down various trips when recollecting them. It will allow you to choose the best journey and ensure you won’t be stuck in the middle of the writing process because of a lack of ideas.

Choose Your Journey while Planning your Travel Essay

Analyzing the Audience

Since the audience is the recipient of your content, it is crucial to analyze it to make your essay as remarkable as possible. The audience comprises diverse readers that have different views and questions. They also apply a different language and have a different set of interests and preferences. Therefore, what you should do is determine the average age of your readers. The younger your audience is, the higher the chances that you are sharing similar interests. The analysis will also help you adjust your language to the reader, improving the essay’s readability.

Deciding On Elements To Include

 Traveling is excellent in a way it covers many aspects. When visiting places, we experience various things that have an indescribable impact on our lives, which is why it would be nice to include such elements in your work. However, make sure to decide on what you want to add beforehand. It will help you speed up the writing process and make your essay coherent and flawless. You may also want to break down your body part into several blocks, describing different items. Here are some ideas for your paper:

  • Attractions: For many people, traveling means visiting unusual attractions. Including them in an essay would be a great idea. However, ensure attractions are unique and unknown or little known to the audience.
  • Conversational exchange: Interacting with locals is the best way to learn about the place. Locals can provide insights into how people live in the area, whether their life is tough, happy, etc.
  • Cuisine: Cuisine is an integral part of every essay about traveling. It characterizes the people, their gastronomical preferences, and financial capabilities. By the same token, make sure your content on cuisine is exclusive.
  • Culture: There are lots of countries that treat their customs and traditions with utmost care. Visiting such places, you are obliged to learn at least key information on culture. It is for you to decide whether or not you want to include it in your paper. But if you have some exciting things to say – such info can keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

Thinking of Background Info

Think of some background before delving into writing. It’s hard to evaluate how complicated a story is when you are a narrator. The readers might misunderstand some elements, so make sure to provide the necessary information to the reader to understand your narrative better.


Think about the reason. In other words, what motivated you to embark on a trip? Why was it vital for you to implement this plan? Did anyone influence your decision? Answering these questions will help you design a comprehensive background. This will clean the terrain and help the audience understand your story.

Jazzing Up the Language

Papers on travel mostly fall into the category of creative and descriptive writing. Besides depicting a trip within a specific timeline, such essays strive to make the audience re-experience the feelings and emotions of the writer. Therefore, it is pivotal to apply vivid language to brighten up the story and make it more relevant to the emotional palette the writer plans to deliver.

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Typically, there are five sensory feelings: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Using relevant adjectives, you can enhance such senses when developing your story. For example, suppose you cover cuisine while writing your essay. In that case, it would be best to use sensory words to describe food, such as mouth-watering, appetizing, palatable, garnished, rancid.

For instance, the sentence The smell of a tender and juicy zucchini layered on delectable brown rice and covered with five Italian cheeses coming from the street made me make a U-turn and try this gastronomical paradise is much more descriptive and eloquent than The smell of zucchini, rice, and cheese was so great I couldn’t pass it.

Adding Extraordinary Elements

You can impress the reader and get their full attention by including exceptional situations. For example, you can write about problems that make you petrified. Or you can talk about an extraordinary interaction with a local, which resulted in a spontaneous trip to an off-the-beaten-track place, making your trip memorable.

Describing Achievements

Every story must have a moral. Providing the lesson you pulled out from the trip determines whether it was a good or bad experience. It doesn’t need to be extensive and too detailed. Several sentences placed in conclusion will do it, ending the story and giving the readers food for thought.

 Writing an essay on travel isn’t challenging. Such papers don’t need a crystal clear structure because they are usually descriptive, allowing you to build them in a way that best gauges your emotional state.

 It is important to examine the readers, choose a story, and add relevant elements when writing a paper on traveling. Luckily, this article does cover this and provides other, equally critical things to do. Follow the mentioned tips, and you will manage to write a striking and sensational essay shortly.

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