15 Year old Indian boy develops drone to detect and destroy land mines

Recall the times when we were in class 10, all we could think was how to score well in boards, or the stream we want to pursue. Some far-sighted people could also decide the coaching classes for their respective careers. But, what if we tell you that a boy of class 10 has created a drone that can identify as well as destroy land mines. Yes, this is no exaggeration but a real success story of Harshwardhan Zala.

India’s drone whizz: Harshwardhan Zala

India’s drone whizz: Harshwardhan Zala
India’s drone whizz: Harshwardhan Zala. Image Credits: Twitter

Harshwardhan, the young boy who is being referred to as India’s drone whizz is a student of class 10 in Gujrat. He is the CEO of Aerobatics 7 at the age of 15. He has created a drone which can identify and destroy the land mines spread over an area. Harsh was watching a video on YouTube that prompted him to work on the idea. What further motivated him was the fact that there were around 752 fatalities between years 2009 to 2013. He wanted to work on something to solve the issue.

How will a drone that destroys land mines spread over an area was built?

Eagle A7
Eagle A7 Drone

For this, he created 3 prototypes with an investment of Rs5 lakh. His father gave him Rs 2 lakh while the remaining amount was sanctioned by the Gujrat government. “I first created a land mine detecting robot but realized that since the weight is heavy it would trigger a blast and damage it so I thought of creating a drone which will be at a safe distance while detecting the mines,” said Harshwardhan, who signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the recently-concluding Vibrant Gujarat summit in Ahmedabad.

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How Does Eagle A7 Drone work?

India’s drone whizz: Harshwardhan Zala
India’s drone whizz: Harshwardhan Zala. Image Credits: The Better India

The Eagle A7 drone works with the help of infrared, RGB sensors and a thermal meter to detect the possible threat. It is also equipped with a 21-megapixel camera along with mechanical shutter to provide images of the area. The drone can cover an area of eight square meters while flying at a height of two feet. The drone can also carry a bomb of 50 gm weight to destroy the land mine.

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Harshwardhan Zala is a Patriot:

Harsh founded Aerobatics 21 to further research on improving the quality and technology being used in drones. He also informed that he had various offers from many countries, and some of them ensured funding as well. But such is his dedication to towards India that he refused the offers and chose to design them for the Indian Army rather.

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Harsh comes from a very middle-class background. His father is an accountant in a plastic company in Naroda, and his mother is a homemaker. But this kid once again proved that talent when combined with hard work creates miracles. We hope that he gets expected support and facilities from the government so that he can continue to serve our country. Even at this small age, he is an inspiration to all of us to work harder for our goals.

You can connect with Harshwardhan Zala on his Linkedin profile by clicking here.


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