2018 has taught me few lessons of life . How many of them have you learnt?

The lessons of life

A child walks, falls gets up and again starts walking and that’s how he learns to walk. Same is the journey of life for everyone else, be it an adult or teenager or a kid. It’s a cycle of life that has been going on since the existence of life. Life teaches us lessons from the very day of our birth. It’s important to sit back and think about the things that we do or the ones that life does to us.
Every step we take in our life leaves a meaningful lesson behind. We just need to be calm enough to understand it. The more we understand, the more we will live our life. Here are a few of the most important lessons that we need to learn from life.

Start living in the moment
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Yes, today and right now is the moment to capture and live in. That is what life is all about, we never know what the future holds for us so we should make the most of each moment that we have and live life to the fullest. That is what counts.

Failure is important
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Learning lessons should be the primary aim no matter you win or you lose. Failing is much bigger then succeeding. Succeeding can only bring you rewards but failing gives lessons that we can use next time at any stage of life. Also, failure teaches a person to handle the situation and gives a chance of self-examination, so yes always give more points to failure over success.

Each and every relationship needs care


We all have different kinds of relationships in our lives. All of us are children, parents, friends and life partners and all these relations need caring and nurturing. Just like how a flower needs water to blossom similarly relationships need care, time and love to stay strong and healthy.

Be Grateful


Always be thankful for everything you achieve in your life. Be thankful to God, even the smallest of your achievements It will bring you much more happiness and positivity in your life. Good things will always come your way if you have gratitude in nature.

Change is good

We have a general tendency to resist change. Whenever we come across changes, we become restless and tensed about how are we going to handle things or how will we settle into this new change. Don’t be so worried, changes are must in life only then we can learn new thing and become stronger. So always embrace changes with grace and calmness.


You can’t be always right

Life is too small to fight for being in the place of rightness always. That can’t happen if you are really living a life. Wrongs and rights both will happen and you need to adapt yourself to both. It’s sane to not be right all the time and recognize other people who are right. We can learn from others too.

Be kind
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Yes, it’s very important to be kind. It is one of the most important traits a person should have. Being kind will not only give inner peace with self but will also bring you happiness in life. There is something in being good to other people you can you only feel it when you are being nice to them.

Learn to be self-honest

The key to self-satisfaction, success, peace, and happiness in life is being self-honest. Not being able to open up about your self to other is fine but being a liar to our self will always degrade you. So learn to be true to yourself and then easily you will be able to accept everything else in your life.

Exercise always ups the game

The motto of life should be living healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle is very important not just for the body but also for mental strength. A bit exciting is in any form is important for the body if you want to live long then make exercise a part of your daily routine.

This too shall pass
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Must have heard nothing lasts long, yes and so does the bad time. Having a heart graph in life is a very normal thing. Each and everybody has a good and bad time. You just need to let it pass, have the strength and wait for good days to come. Never let the bad time affect you because it’s all temporary.




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