Bihar: 50-year-old teacher has been given a maternity leave for 7 years and she is regularly drawing salary


Bihar News: India is changing at a rapid pace. Each day we come across some other the other news of evolving India. While we may not be developing at a rapid pace as a nation, the scamsters of the country are! Each time they surprise us with an altogether new method of loot and scam. Latest to join the list is a nexus from Bihar, continue reading to find out how the system is exploited by fraudsters.

Bihar Education System Scam:

There is a major scam in the education department of Supaul in Bihar. Here a 50-year-old female teacher was appointed by some officers on the papers and then she was given a posting in a nonexistent school. Not only this, the 50-year-old teacher has been given a maternity leave for 7 years and she is regularly drawing a salary while being on maternity leave.

Upon investigation, that there is a complete nexus consisting of the people from the education department as well as the doctors. All these people have withdrawn nearly 15 lakh rupees in the form of salary in the past 7 years. In this case, the DEO has sent a show cause notice to the concerned officers who should be held accountable for the discrepancy.

Where did this incident take place?

50-year-old teacher has been given a maternity leave for 7 years
Bihar News: A 50-year-old teacher has been given a maternity leave for 7 years. Image Credits: ZeeNewsIndia

The case belongs to Pipra block of Supaul district. In many cases, the controversial BEO Surya Dev Prasad has been accused of being involved in unethical practices. It is being said that BEO Surya Dev Prasad approved the maternity leave for the accused teacher. Kumari Subhadra Thakur who has been posted in middle school in Hatabariya has been shown on maternity leave from July 5, 2017, to 16 November 2017. Then she resumed office from November 17, 2017, to October 2, 2018, and then the proposal was sent to the department to go for medical leave from 3 October 2018 to 31 December 2018 and then pay the salaries of the working period of January 2019.

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The Investigation:

When DEO Ajay Kumar Singh, came to know about the discrepancies and unethical activities, he started investigating the matter. When the DEO examined the attendance register of Madhya Vidyalaya Hatbaria, there was no employee called Kumari Subhadra Thakur. Inquiries revealed that Kumari Subhadra Thakur has been absent from the school since September 26, 2012. Surprisingly, it was revealed in the scrutiny of the documents that on February 1, 2016, Subhadra Thakur has been transferred to Dubiyya Primary School, but the truth is that there is no such school in Pipara block.

Share of teachers salary in school education budget
Bihar News: Share of teachers salary in the school education budget. Image Credits:

A teacher of another primary school of Dubya told that she has been posted in the school since 2005 and there is no teacher called Subhadra Thakur in this school. According to DEO Ajay Kumar Singh, villagers in the investigation told that the woman named Subhadra Thakur lived in the same village. She has two sons and a daughter.

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A son is about 30 years old and he is employed somewhere in the engineer’s office. But that lady is not a teacher at any school. DEO told that the matter is under investigation. After completion of the investigation, strict action will be taken against those who are guilty.

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