6 Gift Ideas for the Most Important Person on Your List-You–2023

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about gift ideas. However, if many people are on your list, it can still be difficult or stressful. You have to know what someone would want, and how much you’re willing to spend, and then there’s the presentation. Gift wrapping itself can be hard! Of all the people on your list, there is one person who should stick out. Nope, it’s not your best friend or mom, it’s you! The holidays can be a busy and stressful time, so why not get yourself a little something? It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Give yourself the gift of something that relaxes or interests you in some way. Don’t have any ideas? Keep reading to find out what to give yourself this holiday season in 2023.

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Want to get your skin feeling merry and bright, just like the holiday season? Then what better way to go into the new year than with great skincare! It’s the perfect way to feel clean, fresh, and confident. Plus, it’s a must-have item, you’d need to buy anyway, so why not treat yourself?

Skincare tops the list for Gift Ideas for Self

If you have any specific skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or melasma, there are great treatment options out there that are worth the investment. Some of these conditions can be worsened by the cold, winter air, so it’s the best time to be looking into treatment. Go on and give yourself the gift of a winter glow-up.

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Bar-Approved Accessories

If you enjoy cocktails but dread going out in the cold to get one, why not bring the bar to you? Making your own mixed drinks at home can be fun and exciting. Plus, it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day and try something new. As a bonus, making drinks at home can also be cheaper than going out often.

Some items to add to buy could be tools, like a shaker or jigger, or you could invest in different flavoured syrups. The secret to a great cocktail is in the flavours, like quality bitters or triple sec. Or, maybe you don’t have the fancy drinkware to put your cocktails in. What’s stopping you? Get that set of martini glasses or champagne flutes, and start feeling like the high society queen (or king) that you are.

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A Spa Day

If you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed this year, why not give yourself the gift of relaxation? There are many treatments you can have done at a spa. From facials to massages, to a mani/pedi, they’ll take good care of you. And you deserve special treatment.

Some spas offer packages for the holidays, meaning you can get more treatments for less. For example, you might get a massage and a facial together for a discounted price. This is the perfect time to get in there and book some you-time. Get the knots rubbed out of your shoulders and enjoy some zen time.

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A New Gadget or Trinket

Have you had your eye on a new video game for a while? Or, maybe it’s a kitchen appliance you’ve always wanted. Or, maybe it’s a cute set of mugs or a nice sweater. Whatever thingamabob has gotten your attention, why not reward yourself this holiday season? Move it from your wishlist to your cart.

Whether it’s something you need or just something you want, go for it. After the season is over, you’ll guarantee you’ve gotten something you will enjoy. (Even if your stockings were empty or filled with coal.) If you give yourself an activity, all the better, because you’ll have something to help you unwind after the busyness of the holidays.

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A Furry Friend

For many the holidays are a time to be around family. But if that’s missing from your celebration, it’s also a time when many people can feel a little lonely. If you live by yourself and need a companion or simply love animals and want a pet, now might be the right time.

Studies show that animals have positive health effects on humans, from lowering blood pressure to boosting your mood. In other words, having a pet is like having a natural de-stressing tool. And if the holidays tend to get you down or make you anxious, getting a furry friend could help with that. It also doesn’t have to necessarily be furry. If you’re more into fish, birds, or reptiles, the more the merrier.

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Take Yourself on a Date

A great way to spend the holiday season is by having a nice meal. However, you don’t need to get together with someone to enjoy good food. Treat yourself by taking yourself out. It’s an experience that often gets overlooked because humans are social creatures. However, there’s nothing wrong with going out by yourself. Some studies even say people who can enjoy time alone tend to be happier and more productive.

Think about it like you’re rewarding yourself with tasty food as a way to unwind from the holiday stress and drama. Go to your favourite restaurant or order your favourite meal. Or, get a delicious dessert that you don’t have to share with anyone! If food doesn’t tickle your fancy, scrap that idea altogether. You could go see a movie or play or sign up for a paint-and-sip class.

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Focus on You

No matter how you decide to treat yourself, make sure you’re doing something that you truly enjoy. Taking some time for yourself amid the chaos is just what you’ll need to keep afloat. The holidays don’t have to be so stressful as long as you’re taking care of yourself and treating yourself when you can.

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