Corruption Worth Rs 100 Crore Exposed in Chattisgarh and Congress has all rights to ask questions

Corruption Worth Rs 100 Crore Exposed in Chattisgarh


Corruption in Narendra Modis time: It is correctly said to change yourself then you will see a change in others but when the government officers are indulged in corruption how can the government look at others to be corruption free.  Since the arrival of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country. There were no big scams reported and BJP  has always been proud of it.

However, a corruption amounting to 100 crores recently surfaced in a BJP ruled state “Chattisgarh “. It’s been since 2003 when the illegal collection of money from truck drivers got a start to enter Chhattisgarh. The RTO officials of Chhattisgarh have been exposed who were engaged in corruption from a very long time. ABP news revealed the corruption of 100 crores in Chhattisgarh.

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The RTO officials of Chhattisgarh have been exposed who were engaged in corruption from a very long time. ABP News revealed the corruption of 100 crores in Chhattisgarh within the government itself. The RTO officials assigned at various check posts at the border of Chhattisgarh were collecting money illegally. The money is collected in the name of the token to enter the state. The truck drivers paid 900 Rs per truck to the RTO officials and other check posts.

This money collection was done on a large scale with a turnover of 100 crores per year. This collection of money for entry into the state is totally illegal and the Transport Ministry had assigned no such tokens.

corruption of 100 crores
corruption of 100 crores

Chhattisgarh has almost 15 check posts and RTO booths each collecting 900Rs per truck as entry charge.  approximately 3092 trucks enter the state daily. With this excessive collection, the total turnover of a day amounts to  Rs 27 lakh 82 thousand 8 hundred. The monthly collection becomes 8 crores 34 lakh 84 thousand. The yearly illegal collection reaches to 100 crores annually.

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The blanket of corruption is removed and the government needs to be strict with these activities. The officials used to hide the tokens beneath the table cover to fill their pockets being on the safe side.

This is not only a matter of corruption but a great loss to the nation. How loss to the nation, Godofsmallthing will explain to you. According to IIM Kolkata trucks in developed countries travel 800km daily but only 250-300km in a country like India. The trucks in India have to wait at numerous check posts which waste fuel of 100 billion every year. This excessive waste of fuel directly cost the country. This extra consumption of fuel makes India buy more fuel from foreign and this increase the fuel prices in India.

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The illegal collection of money in the form of tax prompted the government to bring GST as soon as possible. GST has come like rain in the drought of truck drivers.  They don’t have to wait and pay several taxes at RTO to enter any state. When this corruption was brought to the ears of transport minister he ordered to shut all such check posts till midnight 7th July 2017. India is on the track of development and needs the country people to support it with all hands and no hands under the table.

Corruption in India ,corruption of 100 crores
Corruption in India ,corruption of 100 crores

PostCredits: ABP NEWS 

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