Akshay Kumar Donated 2 Crore for Assam floods said “Kaha leke jaane hai time paise”

Sindhutai Sapkal Speech #shorts
Sindhutai Sapkal Speech #shorts

B-town celebs always remain in limelight. Sometimes, they are for their new movie, red carpet, and the other times for any social work. Well, Akshay Kumar is one of them who always makes headlines for his statements and works. 
Do you want to donate for Assam floods as well? Follow the link to chief minister relief fund Assam – https://cm.assam.gov.in/relieffund.php

chief minister relief fund assam
Donate for Assam: chief minister relief fund Assam.

Lately, he has donated Rs 2 crore for Assam floods. The monsoon hit the Assam so bad and caused a flood in the areas and Kaziranga National Park. 

Mr. Khiladi says, ” Kaha leke jaane hai time paise”

The Mangal Mission actor has donated Rs 2 crore for the rescue work in both the flooded areas and Kaziranga national park. 

He expressed how bad he felt when he saw the pictures. One image which captured his attention was where a mother is carrying her baby. 

Akshay Kumar Donated 2 Crore for Assam floods
Akshay Kumar Donated 2 Crore for Assam floods

On asking about how he donated such hefty without even thinking twice, he said, “One of the images that really affected me was of a mother holding her baby on her shoulders and wading through the floodwaters.

There was no expression of sadness or stress on her face. And that’s a dangerous sign. What all she must have gone through that she forgot all her sorrows. When I come across such photos, I am like, it can happen to my wife or my daughter.’ Aisi photos bahut chubhti hai. That’s why I did what I did.

Not only Kumar grabs our attention through his acting but he also touches our heart with his social work. How kind of him to donate such a big amount!

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Akshay Kumar on Donation for Assam

Akshay Kumar Donated 2 Crore for Assam floods said "Kaha leke jaane hai time paise"
Akshay Kumar on Donation for Assam Floods

Kumar did a commendable job and got a lot of praise for the donation. But the actor has something else to say. He said, “I only felt good when the chief minister of Assam himself called me and told that how much the donated money helped the needy. When I donated the amount, I didn’t feel that good but after his call, I felt so good. That made me happy. I feel India is a large-hearted Nation, all you have to do is to give a little push.”

While talking about the conditions of animals in Kaziranga national park, Padman actor said, ” I saw some images of animals drowning and dying and felt so bad. I think we all should come together and donate Rs 2-5 lakh. I also donated the money and didn’t think twice. Kaha leke jaane hai paise. “

Well, his Statement made us fall in love with him all over again. He truly is a superman. Not only his movies says a lot about him but his social works also do. 

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We think we all should come together when it comes to a national cause. Because that’s what makes us a country. Everyone together! 

What do you all think about it? Do let us know in the comment section below! 

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