All There’s To Know About Thor: Love And Thunder

The Marvel universe of movies won’t and can’t stop its march, for some of conquest of cinema, for others to become one of the most impressive and record-breaking collections of superhero related films. And that’s what “Thor: Love and Thunder” is all about. To some of the fans, a “deviation” from the original Thor franchise, but to others, a great example of a funny and engaging romantic comedy with sprinkles of drama and passion.

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The Plot

The movie takes place some years later, after the events of Avengers: Endgame, when Thor is trying to finally get some of the inner peace he deserves while getting in shape again and exploring the universe with the Guardians. This search for tranquility finally pulls him away from battles and the kinds of adventures the rest of the movies used to show him, and he goes on a quest to find who he really is and what his real destiny is.

In this change of life, he eventually finds himself again in the kind of struggle he wanted to avoid, when he receives a distress call from Sif, letting him know that Gorr (a god killer) is trying to kill any immortal being he can find in the universe, and his next target is New Asgard, on Earth. This new safe-haven on Earth is now the home of King Valkyrie, a great warrior now turned into a bureaucrat that has little emotion for her work and really doesn’t care about it.

Thor: Love And Thunder
The Plot

In the meantime, Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, is suffering from terminal cancer and travels to Asgard to see if she might get healed by Mjolnir (previously fractured by Hela). Eventually, the ex-lovers find themselves in the same place again, but this time Thor’s hammer goes to the hands of Foster, turning her into the new superhero, so they can go fight Gorr together.

The Plot Thickens

The plot thickens pretty much after that, and we are not going to spoil it, but it has a lot of drama, but mainly comedy, showing Thor in a sensitive and convincing role, masterfully played by Chris Hemsworth. But in terms of delivering in the movie, the role of Christian Bale as Gorr is clearly the high note of this film, with quite a great performance as a villain that has quite a soft side under a tragic background.

Thor: Love And Thunder
The Plot Thickens

Clearly, Natalie Portman had one of the hardest roles in the movie, trying to portray a young woman crossed by an unfair and life-ending disease like cancer. She does good to average work in her delivery since it’s quite notorious that she isn’t a body builder and CGI tries its best to give her the “strength” required to be Thor, but sometimes the pacing is just off, and it feels like it was a wasted opportunity to have a much more dramatic role.

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A Good Bet From Disney

Since Marvel Studios has been a part of Disney for some time now, this is one of the last successful bets that the company has made, with a good return overall, reaching more than 750 million in box office and a budget of 250 million. It became the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2022, and some argue that the pandemic held it off quite a bit, since it was expected to reach much further, but Covid had something to say about it.

Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor: Love And Thunder on Hotstar

Even in this context, this movie filled with video effects has got to be in the top chart of grossing films in a year. And even when it has some months left, nothing coming soon might be able to take that away. Especially when the DVD and Disney+ releases promise to bring in much more money in the coming months.

Is There a New Thor?

With the promise to have some more sequels to this new facet of Thor, Marvel Studios began working promptly on the new movie to come, while some wonder what will be the next destination for Hemsworth’s character, or even if he’ll still be the main character. As this movie shows, Mjolnir isn´t just his and there might be a change in the actor playing the mythical Nordic god, maybe for the rest of the franchise. It’s been quite a long and strange journey for the actor, and this might be the last he has to give to these sequels.

Only time will tell what will be Thor s destiny, and maybe it’s a good change of pace to show Mjolnir in the hands of someone else, “passing the torch” to some other actress or actor looking to get into the Marvel universe to fight evil. Even if some saw it as audacious, it was quite impressive to see the mighty hammer of the god of thunder in the hands of a strong female character, but perhaps next time it would be better to find a woman who does not require CGI to show her muscles, or even step up a notch to not become a meme.

But in today s mentality about films, when even politics gets in the way of a good script, it’s hard to see if that dream or desire will eventually come true. The fact is that even when the director Taika Waititi failed in many aspects, as for example, in trying to push comedy no matter the context, it has some bright moments that make this movie worth watching, and seeing a woman in a main role of power like this one is without a doubt a good start.

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