Are You Really in Depression Or it’s Just Sadness? Find it out here :

Depression- Are we Faking it Nowadays?

depression or sadness : Depression is a menace that has been spreading in our society like a forest fire. We have Seen people saying” I am Depressed Help “. It is one of those diseases which are not taken seriously. If your parents come to know about it then the only thing they say ‘ this is your excuse for everything.’. In fact, depression is one problem people take very lightly. It’s very common for people to often confuse sadness with depression. But the two are extremely different issues.
Depression is when you have a feeling of constant sadness which exceeds for more than two weeks and disturbs your everyday routine. Most basic and immediate symptoms of depression can be both emotional and physical.

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Symptoms of depression can be both :

• Emotional Symptoms of Depression: Lack of interest in things which were pleasurable before, feeling of prolonged sadness or guilt, feeling worthless and getting suicidal thoughts- these are a few common emotional symptoms of depression.

• Physical Symptoms of Depression: Lack of sleep & appetite, decreased energy level, fatigue, head aches, cramps and so on.

Also, it is believed by a lot of counselors and psychologists that parents and siblings who are under depression are most likely to pass it on to either their kids or other family members.

Whereas, Sadness is just an emotion that almost every person feels during their life and it’s purely natural. It is a natural reaction to bad or tough happenings in life. Sadness has a varying form but sadness is temporary and it fades away with time. So the thing that heals with time is sadness and not depression.

When you’re sad, You may observe that you are able to smile and laugh out occasionally. But you won’t be able to do that during a depression. The worse feelings will affect all aspects of your life. During sadness, you might get comfort in some or the other things while in depression, people tend to destroy things they enjoyed earlier.

Depression is a mental illness which is quite different from just an emotion.

depression or sadness ,symptoms of depression
depression or sadness symptoms of depression I am Depressed Help

Despite knowing the severity of depression, people these days often causally quote ‘I’m so depressed!’. Firstly, most of the people faking depression for sympathy, attention, pity or to get what they want. Some children do it to blackmail their parents, some husbands do it to win an argument from their wives and some friends do it to grab the attention of the other. Secondly, it is very important to determine the characteristics of a person who tends to fake depression. The following can be a couple of characteristics of people who fake depression:-

The following can be a couple of characteristics of people who fake depression:-

• The ‘depression’ is short term.
• They get depressed about only those things they enjoyed in life.
• Always playing the ‘blame game’.
• They’ll superficially try to hurt themselves.
• Passive aggressiveness.
• They try to create the ‘depression’ drama when they are refused to do something why want to.

A Research has revealed that younger people are much more prone to sadness and depression than the aged ones. laura Carstensen a psychology professor spoke in a Ted talk called ‘Older People Are Happier’, said that she has dug into the matter and to everybody’s surprise found that people above the age of 65 are much more happy than the people of age group 16-65. And to solidify her research, a numerous amount of researchers have also made the same conclusion.

How to Cope Up with Sadness

Many might be looking for an answer to fighting with depression or sadness. The answer to the question is it is you who has to decide. There are different ways of dealing with sadness and there is no sure shot solution to an emotion. Sadness is one important emotion in human beings that can motivate a person to grow big as well as pull him down to earth. So it depends on person to person.

Some people generally tend to get social support from their friends and family or some loved one. While many prefer spending time with their pet. The list of solutions involves going for some activity like Zumba or dance classes while boys generally tend to go out for gym and more.

However, a few people tend to prefer spending a cozy time with their loved ones or else they prefer to distinguish themselves from social places and take their own personal time to recover.

An alternative way of fighting with sadness can be cognitive behavioral therapy.

The therapy is based on challenging the negative thoughts of a person. This can be done by distracting to something positive that is going around or scheduling some positive activities .thoughts or scheduling some positive event as a distraction

Depression is a serious illness that we should not take lightly. One should not ‘pretend’ to be depressed just because you think your parents don’t understand you or your boyfriend/girlfriend just had a huge fight with you or you want something and you’re not getting it. Peopling pretending to be depressed have no idea what people actually depressed go through. That feeling of emptiness is something which should not be made fun of.

Please stop pretending to be depressed and support people who really are. Tell them it’s okay to talk about it. It’s okay to get help. It’s high time that we as a society understand the severity of the disorder and we hope you are now able to distinguish depression and sadness .

Are you still unsure about your anxiety and wish to seek professional help? Here is an article by health professional Aaron Dutil on BetterHelp.

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