The Axledit Panel To Export To Adobe Premiere Pro Is Finally Here

The need for collaborative video creation has been around for some time now, since there are some powerful video editors out there, like the great and time-tested Adobe Premiere Pro. Since it’s some sort of reference, many other programs or software that come to light are trying to get to that milestone, meaning being able to somehow “join” what Premiere is offering and being able to transition to a more powerful platform.

That’s the new addition included in Axle id’s online video editor platform known as Axledit, one of the most popular online collaborative video creating browser-based software in the world today. Since there are a lot of influencers, propaganda or advertising video editors out there in search of a way to create or edit a video in real time with other people out there, and finally this is possible in a fast and powerful way.

First Impressions

This software, which includes the popular “timeline” edition mode, is very similar to Adobe’s Premiere software and is a very comfortable platform for many editors all over the world. In particular, after the COVID-19 pandemic, a very particular time for many enterprises, as well as people, was unable to reach out, unable to go to work or even get together to check out a new video. In such a context, these kinds of tools were more than a welcome surprise, above all for those in different countries wanting to create something, for those trying to complete their film education, or even for low-budget movie directors, in search of a collaborative, free to signup tool.

In addition, this software is able to use the cloud function to either upload video clips to a private server that all those in the project can see, or either create and distribute your clips to the whole world. Actually, there’s a lot of free footage that any director can use, of course, in quite a limited way in the free version, but with the possibility to upgrade it with very little money for what the user will be getting from this program.

The Integration Of Adobe Premiere Pro

The usage of this Adobe tool is one of the most extended and recommended for those trying to create a professional, well-edited and full of modern effects video. Since Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of templates for popular kinds of videos to create, it´s a great tool for both experts and newcomers, since they´ll find tools for beginners that will help them acquire the required knowledge to create a new project, as well as be a time-saving tool for those experts.

These and many other reasons are more than enough for software engineers to try to find a way to connect cloud-based services like Axledit to Adobe Premiere Pro. Even though Adobe has a cloud service, and a very good one, they haven’t been able so far (or aren’t really interested) to create a browser-based video editor with a collaborative spirit.

In fact, for many specialists, this move from Adobe is just a way to let everybody know that they are quite sure of the superiority of their software, and also know that eventually they’ll all end up using it when they need to go “deeper” with the effects or even the possibility to change dominant colors in different scenes, exporting to many different settings or formats, even those that don’t exist anymore in developed countries, but might still be a thing in developing countries.

The Growing Usage Of Axledit

After the pandemic, many people got the “hang of” working from home, finding it not only quite comfortable but also time-saving. And that´s where software of the calibre of Axledit comes to fill a gap, allowing people not only to work remotely on a video project with shared videos thousands of miles away, but also be able to contribute in real time.

But also, the most anticipated feature to come in this editor has arrived: the chance to export the projects to a more powerful editor like Adobe Premiere Pro, “kicking up a notch” if the expression is allowed in software terms. It’s also a great transition for those wanting to have a first-time experience with a video editor, just to jump to the “big leagues” in a matter of seconds.

This transition is also a great tool for those editors wanting to avoid the “collaborative” part of a video project and just focus, for example, on the “polishing” of an already planned and discussed piece of work. It might not seem like a lot, but for many polishers or effects artists, it’s quite a tedious situation to have to come and go as a lot of people debate whether a scene will be in the project or not.

Using such tools then becomes a great way not only to save time in a collaborative project but also save money in terms of hiring professional editors and CGI artists, for example, only when the time is right and not at the beginning of a project. Also, in the long haul, tools like Axledit will prove extremely useful for those that need a collaborative platform to start a project and, if they feel it’s going somewhere, then improve what they can get from such platforms.

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