Azhar Ali has done it again !A bizarre run out leaving every cricketing fan laughing out loud

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Azhar Ali has done it again

Azhar Ali is undoubtedly an amazing cricketer in the current Pakistani side. In addition to that, he is a great entertainer too. Most of you must have seen his bizarre run out dismissal some time ago. Oh! In case you forgot he has done it again to brush your memories (yes, all over again).

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Azhar was batting in a very crucial situation as the top order had already collapsed before the Kiwis. But Azhar took the responsibility of shaping the innings and was playing at 81 when he was dismissed in a very comical way.

Watch the video here:

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The Scenario

The dismissal happened during the 71st over of the innings. Ali was batting on 81 and was moving closer towards his century. He was facing left-arm spinner, Ajaz Patel. He then drove a fuller delivery towards mid-off before jolting off for a single.

Azhar Ali funny runout
Azhar Ali funny runout Image Credits: Google News

All this while he did not even look at his partner on the other end. Harris Sohail, who was at the non-striker’s end failed to respond in time. Azhar realized his mistake in the middle of the pitch and started to run back. However, by the time he could make it to the crease, fielder Tim Southee collected the ball and threw it to wicket-keeper. BJ Watling made no mistake and quickly removed the bails to end Azhar’s stay in the middle.

This is not the first time :
Azhar Ali funny runout
Azhar Ali funny runout Image Credits:

Prior to this he was involved in a similar incident against Australia when he was batting on 63 but got involved in the dumbest dismissal of all time. That time also he edged a delivery towards the third man and started chatting with his partner in the middle of the pitch without realizing that it was not a boundary. Starc got the ball and threw it to keeper Tim Paine, who whipped off the bails.

It looks like the young lad seriously needs to work on running between the wickets. While most of us might forget the innings he played, but it takes a lot of time and efforts to erase memories like these associated with your name. Also, the Pakistan cricket board needs to gear them up with better shoes as they both are seen skidding twice poorly.

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