Bard of the Blood and Srk connection. All Details here

SRK in a web series on Netflix? A teaser dropped by Netflix is taking over the Internet. In that teaser, Shahrukh khan was seen talking over a phone call. It seems like he is coming back with a bang. He was nowhere to be seen after the film, zero. And, now he is on Netflix. Here is the first teaser that was released for the series.

This clip by Netflix is no less than a bomb. It’s a teaser of a series which is going to be released soon. And, a clue that Shahrukh khan is producing that series too. In this clip, he is seen busy in a conversation about the role of an interrogator. 

SRK in a web series on Netflix?

The teaser starts with Shahrukh khan talking and saying, “Do you need an interrogator? I’ll do that. I am a good actor.” He believed that call is for the role of an interrogator but it turned out to be a real call for an interrogator.  

SRK in a web series on Netflix

Just after the first teaser was aired. Fans were eagerly waiting to know what this is all about and seem like red chilly entertainment has been keeping the fans on edge of their seats. They released a second teaser just after.

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In the second teaser, he was on a call with his manager, pooja whom he was saying “I am a very gentle person, I am a romantic hero.” But, suddenly reality hit his mind when he saw her manager in his room. Later he was seen in a dark room thinking that he is on a film location. And suddenly a man with his face covered appeared in front of him.

SRK in a web series on Netflix

It has left everyone curious what this clip is about? 

Shahrukh was away from the screen for so long. And, now suddenly he is on Netflix.

Another teaser aired on Red chilies entertainment twitter page. Where in SRK continues to be in the interrogation room. It was the first time that Emraan Hashmi was seen in the teaser.

SRK in a web series on Netflix: Bard of Blood

Bard of Blood

Bard of Blood Shah Rukh Khan Emraan Hashmi Netflix
Bard of Blood Shah Rukh Khan Emraan Hashmi Netflix. Image Credits: Peeping Moon

Well,  it looks like Shahrukh Khan is all ready with his production team to launch a new series. That’s right! Shahrukh khan’s production house Red chilies entertainment is bringing a series which is based on a bestselling 2015 book, the bard of blood by Bilal Siddiqui. 

Bard of blood Cast:

Bard of blood Poster
Bard of blood. Image Credits: IMDB

Well, coming to the actors who will be seen in the series are Emraan Hashmi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Shobhita Dhulipala, Kirti Kulhari, and Rajit Kapoor.

Emraan Hashmi will be seen portraying the role of a former secret agent. 

Bard of Blood Release date:

SRK in a web series on Netflix
SRK in a web series on Netflix. Image Credits: The Live Mirror

Perhaps all the episodes of this brand new thriller series will be released on 27 September. And, not only we have got to see the Shahrukh presence but soon we will be getting the privilege to see Emraan Hashmi on screens too.

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SRK’s upcoming horror series Betaal:

Not only this series is being produced by SRK’s production but he is also producing a horror series, Betaal. The name of the series sounds so cool and horrifying. Let’s see how the series will be. 

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Though, we can’t wait to know the real agenda behind the teasers. And, of course, can’t wait to watch the new series, Bard of Blood which is releasing on 27th September.

We are already excited. Save the date, 27 September. 

What do you all think about it? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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