Dear world! That’s all you need to “Be a Superhero”

Superman in the crowd

Be A Superman: I remember the day when I was going somewhere in Delhi and the autowalah buzz fully said: “Memsaab chhaataa rakha karo sath mein nahi to us ladki jesa mazaak hojaega!!” I was petrified to hear those words. Then I asked him the whole episode and this is what the crux was:-


Indian men should change their outlook towards women:Be A Superman

Girl walking-.>some car splashed a bucketful of water–>dress was not supportive–>soon turned into a see-through version–> irk embarrassed–> everyone stereotyped her –>one strange boy from the crowd saved her dignity.

Ohh that boy! He is the real hero of this story. The guy could have made fun of her all see-through dress just like those bad boys. He could have tortured her mentally by passing the same comment “patani kaisi kaisi ladkiyan hain, koi sharam lihaaj nahi hai.”, just like that 40-year-old man walking his 7-year-old girl to park.


But no, he decided to ignore each negative energy that was present around him and all the ifs and buts ever born in this entire universe.

One kilogram is not the same anymore !! It has been redefined: would it make you heavier?

What did he do?

Offered her his shirt, the only shirt he had and walked away in a divine style, shirtless with no abs.  What relation did he have with that girl? The only answer to his deed is Humanity and a load of respect for the dignity of womankind.

Be A Superman
Indian men should change their outlook towards women:Be A Superman

And this is it! If every person on this earth regardless of his cast, sex, age or creed, becomes alert and start doing small things which are necessary as a human then no one can stop the world to become a place of supermen and superwomen without capes!

Come on, this is a human-driven world and everything in this world spreads like a forest fire, then why not the change? Raising voice is appreciable, but what’s the use of that vocal opinion if our hands and legs and more importantly our brain follow a different or a snail speed path.

If a man stands for a woman in all odds whether he is a 10-year-old boy or a 70-year-old senior citizen, that man deserves to change his name to Mr. Superman’ because he is doing a ‘super jobwhether big or small and that job will pay him “a change “ in this insensitive world and peace in his mind.

“The word God for me is nothing more than a product of human weakness” wrote Einstein in his last letter-God Letter

We are looking for a world of Supermen and Superwomen

Why only men? Here, we are referring to each and every one of us! Imagine a situation where some molestation would have happened in public with a boy and not a girl. What do you think? Any other man or woman would have come up with a similar kind of support? We think that most people would have laughed out loud and made him feel miserable about being a masculine counterpart of the human race! But if a woman or another man would raise his or her voice in this situation then the real change would happen! There is no weak and strong gender! If we all are equal then we should be treated equally! We must realize that more than 55% of molestations happen with men as well. And there shouldn’t be any shame in taking help from another man or a woman in that case!

I am A Boy And I Cannot Cry

The message here is precise and transparent! Start small!. See something wrong? Sensing it? Raise your voice and be a superhero!

What are you scared of? To be secretly remembered as Mr. Superman or Ms. Superwoman?? Change is ignited from within. No one would bring a matchstick to burn the defects of the society. You have to!! 

helping hand
Indian men should change their outlook towards women:Be A Superman

Has religion been good for humanity?

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