Top Foods that help your Cardio journey in a Better Way

Health has become a major priority these days. People who used to ignore their health are also
busy doing stuff that would lead to better health. And why not? In these times when fitness is the
only way to keep you healthy, people are leaving no stones unturned to grab this opportunity to
develop their body and have a good physique as well.

Importance of Cardio

But many people who want to start this workout routine have many problems in front of them.
They usually don’t know how to start this fitness routine and what to include in their diet that
could lead them to a fit and healthy life. People usually focus on those difficult exercises and
workout sessions that they forget about one of the most important parts of their workout and that
is Cardio.

What is Cardio ?

Now, what actually is Cardio? People may think it is something different or unusual that they can’t
do or is difficult to perform but that’s not the case. Cardio is something that we have been doing
since our childhood and we don’t even know about that. Cardio is just a pre-workout session that
includes running, skipping, and cycling. These simple exercises just warm your body up and
provide you a better workout session afterward.

Now, why is cardio important? This question has many different explanations but lets us explain it
straight away, this cardio helps your body to adapt to the sudden change in its movement. When
you are about to do any exercise, this cardio helps you to prepare your body before any heavy
lifting or workout that you are about to do. So, doing cardio just warms up your body and is also
helpful in burning excessive fats from it.

People who want to shed their weight can also perform
cardio exercises as they are effective in removing or burning excessive fats from your body.
Keeping all the benefits and importance of this cardio in mind, we have come up with a list of
foods that you should consider while having a Cardio session in the gym or at home. These foods
will help you to make your cardio sessions more easy, healthy and will provide you with more
stamina and strength. So here goes the list of food items that you should include in your diet:


So, the first spot that has taken place in our list is one of the most consumed fruits in this whole
world and that is Apple. These apples help our body to improve the lung’s capacity and stimulate
it against air pollutants. Increasing the capacity of our lungs means that you can have more
oxygen and more oxygen means more cardio sessions. Thus helping you to keep your cardio
sessions going even after you feel tired.


The number second one goes to a very famous and most nutritious food that can help you to
make your body healthier and better is Tofu. including this tofu in your diet can actually help you
to get positive results in your cardio sessions. Tofu is known for the unsaturated fats present in
them and these unsaturated fats help in increasing blood circulation by up to 40%. This increase
in blood flow leads to a better and heavy workout session with less fatigue.


The next food or I must say fruit that we have included in our list is Avocado. This creamy fruit is
quite healthy for our body and is a rich source of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These
nutrients are known for their improved volume in the lungs and greater oxygen flow in the body.
An increased level of oxygen in our body helps us to continue any intense work for a longer

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On number fourth, we have a drink that we love to have at any given moment of time. Coffee is
something that everyone loves to have. This coffee can actually be helpful in making your cardio
and workout sessions more effective. The caffeine present in coffee helps your body to gain more
endurance and decrease your perception of pain and efforts. Drinking coffee before your cardio
sessions will make your body more energetic and you will feel less fatigue, this is due to the low
levels of lactic acid in your body.


Including beets in your diet can also be helpful. Beetroots are best for your cardio sessions as
they have nitrates present in them that actually helps to dilate your blood vessels and enables
them to carry more oxygen throughout your body. As said above, more oxygen means more
stamina and endurance. Providing oxygen to our muscles and body makes them less fatigued and
our body less tired.

Peanut butter

Peanuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids that help relieve pain, improve the health of the
heart and develop the brain. For creating endurance, peanut butter is also great. It is rich in
calories and it slowly digests. Consume peanut butter with complex carbs in combination. This
will help to make your cardio more effective and will also not affect your body.

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Including bananas in your diet will help you to have long cardio sessions as they have a lot of
carbohydrates that your body can utilize to keep your body filled with energy every time. Another
benefit that bananas have is that they trigger a chemical in your body that helps in maintaining
your focus and concentration.


So this was our list of top 7 food items that you can eat to have better cardio sessions.
The food listed above will surely make an impact on your fitness and health in a positive
way and you will see the results yourselves. So, include these items in your regular diet or
consult a dietician for the exact quantity of these items depending upon your body type
and workout routine.

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