Looking for Wall Mount Fans? Here are 5 Tips to Make the Right Choice

Living in a country like India that faces extreme summers, we all understand the value of an effective cooling device. After a long day of having fun in the sun, we all crave some time at home, and a cooling device is needed to ensure that our time at home is comfortable and pleasant.

While there are a bunch of different cooling devices available in the market, the practicality and cost-effectiveness of fans have made them a preferred choice. In addition, since fans are available in a variety of styles, it makes it possible to use them in many different settings.

One of the most popular types of fans that can be used in almost every kind of setting is the wall mount fan. As the name suggests, a wall mount fan is mounted on a wall making it possible to install these fans even in the most awkward corners of the room. In addition, these fans are excellent for places with limited floor space.

However, while the markets are flooded with a range of wall mount fans available at different price points, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the right one for your space. Let’s look at the five key factors that you need to consider while looking for the right wall mount fan for your home.

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It’s essential to consider the speed of the fan, as this is what determines whether or not a fan will work effectively in your space. This becomes all the more important if you’re planning to use the fan as an independent cooling device in the room. It’s advisable to go for a high-speed fan as they can circulate air even in the farthest corner of the room, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Best Wall Mount Fans

Today, there are some excellent high-speed fans in the market, available at affordable costs. For example, the Mojo Plus Wall Fan by Luminous. This fan runs at a speed of 2100 RPM, making it a great option for small and large rooms alike.


The material of the fan is another important thing that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a wall mount fan. These fans are typically built from either plastic or metal. While both these materials have their own pros and cons, it’s important to evaluate these before taking your call.

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Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right wall mount fan is the motor. The motor of the fan determines how efficiently it would work and how much power it would consume. The Fanfare Wall Fan by Luminous, for example, is powered by a strong and effective motor that lets it work efficiently without consuming much energy.

Best Wall Mount Fans


This is another important thing to keep in mind while looking for the right wall mount fan for your home. Opting for reliable brands ensures that you’re choosing reliable, durable products. In addition, some of the best home electrical brands also offer great after-sales services, making sure you get an excellent buying experience.

One such brand is Luminous. Luminous is known for offering some of the best home electrical products, including wall mount fans. Their products are long-lasting, effective, and available at incredibly affordable prices. In addition, the warranties and after-sales services offered by this brand make it a fantastic choice. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on a high-quality wall mount fan for your home, visit the Luminous website today.

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