We bet you don’t know these things about Virat Kohli

“A fit body gives you confidence and there’s nothing more impressive than a great attitude which you can wear on sleeve.” Take it in the words of the man who bleeds blue, the heart-throb, and the captain of Team India, Virat Kohli. The Delhi lad turns 30 today.
Here are some surprising facts about Kohli, which you might have missed in all these years-

• Kohli started his cricket career with the Delhi Ranji. When he was playing against Karnataka in 2016, his father got a brain stroke and died abruptly. The 18-year-old lad then continued to play like a pro, the next day. Well, clap for the captain! He truly bleeds blue and keeps his personal life away from his professional life.

Virat Kohli Image Credits : Deccan Chronicle

• Virat Kohli is definitely a dog lover. His fondness for the canines is just out of the world. Whenever he gets time, he visits the Bangalore-based animal shelter, CARE, with which he is associated with for a long time. He is also known to passively adopt 15 dogs in 2017 for treatment. Kudos to your generosity, Kohli!

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• You might have missed on the fact that he is the one and only player to have scored four centuries in an IPL season. There is no match of King Kohli when he comes on the field.

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• He is now hitched to Anushka Sharma but he once quoted in an interview that his celebrity crush is Karishma Kapoor. Well, ladies, although he is taken you can still come in his good books by having a charming personality like the Kapoor sister! Dream of the hottest man crushing on you big time! 😛

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• You must have heard the constant comparisons those are made between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. Will he break Sachin’s record? Can he score 100 centuries like Sachin? And more! But when he was asked about his favorite player during the U-19 Cricket World Cup about his favorite player, he named, Herschelle Gibbs, a South-African Batsman. Well, Virat has his own ways and his choices are out of the box and obviously wonderful.

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• He gives importance to the right attitude and once quoted in Aap Ki Adalat that you must have a right attitude to play on the field as it is the only thing which matters. Kids love Kohli and so do the girls and every cricket fan out there. He has been inspiring us for more than 10 years now.

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• Being one of the richest cricketers in the world, he has gained a lot of respect from the media. Kohli has an undying love for luxury cars and is known to have an amazing collection of cars at his place, including the Range Rover. Apart from this, he owns 5 Audis as well! Well, I am already imagining the parking lot of his house!

Facts About Virat Kohli Image Credits CarBlogIndia

So, did we miss anything else which you know? Let us know in the comments sections below 😀
A very happy birthday to the Prince charming of Anushka Sharma and we wish you keep inspiring us all the time.

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