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Clensta international private limited: Puneet Gupta, an inventor, whose foundation, Clensta, is a true instance of how novelty can deliver state-of-the-art technology for sanitation. Already achieved by introducing products that are waterless, Clensta has been able to save nearly six million liters of water in a really short time.

Why Clensta international?

Clensta International Start-up
Clensta International Start-up.

Unique selling proposition is the answer. Being a brand, Clensta had been entrenched to provide contemporary fixes to daily life problems. Thinking sustainable, the association aims to develop environment-benevolent products that commit to a better planet.

Any shampoo in retail can provide personal cleanliness. When residing in a location with no water at all, the proposed product can. They can be used at any time and anywhere.

Clensta waterless body bath
Clensta waterless body bath. Image Credits: Clensta

Based on their innovativeness and formulation, these waterless products are outstanding. Adding to it, the product also has low soil toxicity, strong biodegradability, and a low rate of bioaccumulation. Moreover, the product is prepared using a component of conoction that has a high rate of acceptable concentrations and will break down in nature.

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clensta international private limited: Business Model Canvas:

A B2B sales channel is followed in clensta international, where the product is sold through a distribution network. Talking about the distribution channel, a well-connected distribution network works closely towards making the product available to various market areas. In terms of customers reach, online shopping channels are also being built, through tremendous e-commerce portals.

Why Start-ups like Clensta International?

Clensta International BioTech Start-up
Clensta International BioTech Start-up.

There has been a horrible rise in environmental concerns during the past few years. At such rates, the world would soon be, looking forward at a crisis. The main aim is to support the world with a dissimilar vision of bringing environment-friendly services.

Social and Personal Impact of such Start-ups:

Clensta waterless Shampoo
Clensta waterless Shampoo. Image Credits: Clensta

Talking in terms of social and personal impact, waterless personal hygiene may help increase the level of personal hygiene which would in course of time, help to lower risks of infections and diseases. Such waterless products would reduce the per capita water usage would be reduced to a very huge level. Now as more people are becoming aware of the changes in the environment, citizens are changing their lifestyle towards more environment-safe products.

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Importance of Clensta international products:

Taking the importance of the product, the market area is huge, which includes hospitals, travelers, space and defense on a domestic and international scale. Hence the business is scaled from the aspect of B2C as well as B2B.

Here are some of the products that Clensta international offers:

Clensta international Shampoo:

Clensta International Body Bath product comparision
Clensta International Body Bath product comparision

Body Bath:

Clensta International Body Bath product comparision
Clensta International Body Bath product comparison. Image Credits: Clensta

Paradigm Shift Realisation theory:
RAPID CHANGES! Now the businesses realize that their buyers increasingly question sustainable use of natural resources. And Clensta is uniformly involved in developing creative products that provide to the needs of the future which works toward a green and clean world.

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