COVID19 – LIVE TRACKER & PREDICTOR IN INDIA  is an online dashboard to track and predict the corona cases on a daily basis in different districts of India.

It acts as an online portal for the public to keep track of the latest number of corona cases in different regions of India.

“”The main functionality of this portal is to predict future corona cases in advance and plan to fight with corona. We can predict the probability of corona cases in different regions of India and plan our work life based on the condition. It is collecting data on daily basis and works as dynamic application which update itself based on the conditions””

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Lets  have a walk for this Portal

You will see 2 Links on Home Page


On this page, you will get option to select different states of India

Once you select any State, You will see different kind of plots there which will show current situation of Corona Cases in that particular State in India.


Here you will see total current cases in India as well as in different States.

Click on any State and this will lend you to the Predictor page. Here you need to select District of that State and type of cases(Confirmed, Active, Death and Recovered).

After selection you will get below kind of plot

As you can see here, you can hover over the plot and check number of cases on specific date.

Black dots will represent cases till current date and remaining plot will be the prediction which you can hover and check future cases. Based on the probability of cases, you can decide your plans and act.

As you can see the prediction is very accurate here.

This is dynamic application and hence it will train itself on daily basis and will show the prediction.


Observing situation frequently using this dynamic application

Plan to put restrictions, not go outside

If condition is worse, don’t plan to visit places where these is more probability of cases


If cases probability are more than expected, prepare yourself to fight corona as it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime

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Please find short demo of this application

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