From Divider-in-Chief to The Man Who United India – How Times Changed Stance On Modi

Not even a month has been passed since “India’s divider-in-chief” article has been issued. A new article has already made its way in the market. Again, just like some time earlier, Modi has made it to the Time magazine.

times magazine Modi story: Time Magazine had portrayed Modi as Divider in Chief Image Credits: Zee News

Last time, he was being trolled by Time Magazine as  “India’s-divider-in-chief”. But, this time the article says something different. From divider to unifier, this Time magazine’s article claims “Modi has united India in a way, no prime minister has ever done in that way”.

Just after his victory, their statement changed. Another article is titled “Modi Has United India Like No Prime Minister in Decades”, written by Manoj Ladwa, founder and chief executive of India Inc. Group was published by the Time magazine.

This year, BJP won with the highest seats, 352 out of 542, even, more than 2014 lok sabha election. Just after the crushing victory of BJP, this article released. Earlier, the situation was offbeat.

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Can The World’s Largest Democracy Endure Another Five Years Of Modi Government?

The article which was issued by Time magazine earlier was written by novelist Aatish Taseer with the headline “Can the world’s largest democracy endure another five years of Modi government”. The article said that “In 2014, Modi was a climate of hope for everyone; in 2019 he is just another leader asking for votes. Back then, he was like a ray of hope sent by God to everyone, he spoke of jobs, opportunities, and development, now he is just another minister who has failed to deliver”.

Aatish Taseer- Author of Divider in Chief Article that was published by Time Magazine
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“Modi’s government is no saint. He is blessed with a weak opposition who has nothing but lacks imagination, no agenda other than to defeat BJP as if it’s a race”, further added Taseer. Aatish Taseer is the son of an Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salman Taseer.

Not only Taseer’s article was published but, Bremmer’s article was published as well, which says something different. Bremmer’s Got Some Point!

Times Magazine Article On Modi
Image Credits DNA India

The article says, “India’s infrastructure is still not completed yet, Modi is the one who likely to complete that infrastructure. He has improved relations with many countries”. According to him, Modi is, “India’s best reform”.
Outlining the achievements of Modi government, he talked about, “Goods and services tax enacted in 2017 and, the schemes, yojanas, and Abhiyan which Modi started”.
Back then, two articles were published one in favor of Modi, other in against of him.

But this time, article changed its way and took a U-turn. From divider to unifier, they have changed their perspective swiftly.

This article in Time Magazine hailed Modi as a man who united India.
Image Credits The Economic Times

Well, coming back to the Taseer views, where he said “Modi Government is no saint”. We would say that no one is a saint and it doesn’t matter. As long as India is in the right hands, that’s not important.

“Modi wasn’t born in any political family. He knows what struggle looks like. He knows what a normal person goes through. We believe him. That’s why he is here, again. During his reign, he might have stayed silent for some incidents. But, his works always have spoken on behalf of his silence”, Ladwa mentioned in his article.

We think, now we are able to give the answer to “Can the world’s largest democracy endure another five years of Modi Government?” And, we think, we can. He might not be an excellent choice. But, he is the best one.

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