DRDO Chief G Satheesh Reddy Receives American Award For Missile Technology Development

While most of us are busy with our mundane and monotonous life, or some of us minutely tracking each and every news being aired, there are some others who are making India proud. These are not the typical entertaining news and hence do not get their share of glory. People who are not only making us proud but are silently working to make India a superpower in all spheres.

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Who is G Satheesh Reddy?

G Satheesh Reddy Receives American Award For Missile Technology Development. Image Credits: The Better India

One such person is G Satheesh Reddy. Most of us would be unaware that G Satheesh Reddy has been awarded the prestigious Missile Systems Award by the American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA) for his excellence in the field of missile systems technology. Satheesh is the current chairman of the DRDO. Satheesh, 55 is a renowned scientist and was appointed as the chairman of DRDO last year.

American Award For Missile Technology Development

American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA). Image Credits: Wikipedia

G Satheesh Reddy will be co-awarded the Missile Systems Award 2019 along with Arizona-based Raytheon Missile SystemsRondell J Wilson. This award was announced by Virginia-based professional society of aerospace engineering.

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This award recognizes the innovation and excellence in the field of development and implementation of missile system technology. Mr. G Satheesh Reddy was selected for his over three decades of significant national contributions toward indigenous design, development, and deployment of diversified strategic and tactical missile systems, guided weapons, advanced avionics, and navigation technologies in India, the society said.

G Satheesh Reddy was heading the missiles division of the DRDO
G Satheesh Reddy was heading the missiles division of the DRDO
G Satheesh Reddy was heading the missiles division of the DRDO

Before taking over as the DRDO chief, G Satheesh Reddy was heading the missiles division of the DRDO. Reddy has closely worked project for nuclear missiles for the Agni series. He has also worked in the development of man-portable anti-tank guided missile and the HELINA and NAG anti-tank weapons.

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Akash air defense systems
Akash air defense systems. Image Credits: Air Force Technology

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He has also played a pivotal role in the development of Akash air defense systems. These systems have been indigenously developed after a couple of projects to buy these systems failed. These are not only proof of technical excellence but also brought monetary benefits to the nation. Since these systems have been made in India, it has not only saved foreign currency but has shortened the time of their commission.

He has made all the Indians very proud and it’s time we start recognizing and idolizing these gems which are present amongst us.


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