Eid 2019: Bharat Releasing tomorrow. Here are some Crazy facts about historical thriller “Bharat”

    ‘Bharat’: Salman Khan Starrer Movie


Salman Khan Bharat Poster
Eid 2019: Salman Khan Bharat Poster. copyright@thehansindia.com

Salman Khan’s fans; Be ready for this year because Bhaijan is bringing his most awaited historical period drama film “Bharat” to the silver screen. Salman Khan’s starred movie Bharat is both written and directed by the most versatile director Ali Abbas Zafar. After giving back to back hit with “Sultan” and “Tiger Zinda Hai”, this actor and director duo has come up with another entertainment package with the blend of historical melodrama.

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Salman Khan re-lives the history of India:

Yes, of course, you are reading correctly because Salman Khan has re-lived the Indian history but not in real life, it is in his reel life. In the movie Bharat, he has played as the main character Bharat and throughout the movie, it has been showed the tussle of his life after the independence of India. How life has become tough and rough during those days, Salman has portrayed all those post-independence life experience in a dramatic way.

various avatars of Salman Khan in Bharat:

Bharat Poster
Eid Salman Khan movie: 5 different Avatar in Bharat: Salman Khan in Bharat:copyright@bollywood.com

Salman Khan always has stunned his fans with his different and offbeat looks whether it is Tere Naam or Dabangg Khan. But in Bharat movie, he has experimented upon 5 different looks to steal his fans’ heart. Salman Khan’s fans have gone crazy over his 5 different looks in the movie whether the retro playboy look with a young and charming avatar or the gentle old man look with white hair and mustache.

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The Gorgeous Veteran actress is missing from the trailer:

Recently the Bharat movie production has released its trailer. But the actress Tabu is missing in it. Whether in trailer or teaser, there is not a single portion where we can see Tabu who is performing one of the important characters in the film. The reason is still unclear but according to the source, Tabu is not in the trailer because his entry in the movie is a turning point of Salman’s reel life. So they just want to keep in suspense for the final showdown.

Recreation of the Iconic Song “O O Jaane Jaana”:

Salman Khan O jane jaa song
Eid Salman Khan movie: Recreation of the Iconic Song “O O Jaane Jaana”:copyright@pinkvilla.com


If you are one of Salman’s crazy fans, then you are also extremely mad about his 90’s heart throbbing song “O O Jaane Jaana”. Hold your breath because this song is again going to reprise in this movie by giving the old touch in a new way. Salman and Katrina both are going to perform in this Iconic song in the Bharat movie. So just be ready for the musical thrill.

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Some fascinating facts about Bharat movie:

Eid Salman Khan movie: Salman Khan Bharat Poster
Eid Salman Khan movie: fascinating facts about Bharat movie: copyright@bollywoodbug.in

The whole movie is based upon a South Korean melodrama “Ode to My Father” which has shown the life of a young boy who has promised his father to take care of his family by showing the post-independence history of India. Some rumors had been there that Salman dropped the song sung by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam from his movie due to the impact of Phulwama terror attack but later he clarified that he never had gone for any Pakistani singers from the beginning. Another big surprise in the movie will be the cameo of Bollywood playboy actor Varun Dhawan who has played the role of young Dhiru Bhai Ambani in the film.

Eid 2019: Official Teaser of the movie Bharat:

The movie already has gained the popularity by releasing its first teaser of 1min duration which is showing the badass character of Salman Khan in the movie. If you want to see the official teaser then can go through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fxq18WuuRms


Bharat Trailer: A 3 minute astounding trailer:

Salman Khan Bharat Trailer
Eid 2019: Salman Khan Bharat Trailer: copyright@timesofindia.com




Recently the movie has released its official trailer. Within one hour almost 3milion people have watched the trailer. People just have got more fascinated after seeing the different looks of Salman Khan in the movie trailer. You can see the official trailer of Bharat with the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fxq18WuuRms.

Salman and Katrina’s onscreen chemistry:

The movie is expected to strike the box office during the Eid of this year. The movie also has grabbed a lot of attention with its slow romantic song teaser “Chashni” with the chemistry of Salman and Katrina. Both are doing a great job by showing the onscreen romance for their fans. You can find the song teaser with the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LgAFJugE-s.


Bharat movie cast:

Bharat movie Cast
Eid 2019: Bharat movie Cast: copyright@dnaindia.com                                                                      

Like other movies of Salman, in this movie also, we are going to see both old and young generations’ actors and actresses. In the movie where Salman Khan has been seen as the main character Bharat, the female lead character Kumud Raina has been played by the Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif.

Salman Starrer Bharat movie Cast: Katrina Kaif
Eid Salman Khan movie: Salman Starrer Bharat movie Cast: Katrina Kaif

After quitting of Priyanka Chopra Jonas for her engagement, Katrina was replaced for this role. Including this, the film also stars the multitalented and gorgeous Bollywood actress Tabu, actor and producer Satish Kaushik, the versatile actor and comedian Mushtaq Khan, the badass actor Jackie Shroff and some young Bollywood faces like Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, and Sunil Grover, etc.

The Movie Bharat has shown the life of the lead character after the Independence of our country. So it’s obvious that it will be full of patriotic sentiment and struggles of life. Everyone has very high expectations for this movie and hope it will go beyond the expectations.





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