Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan (Pakistan)

Social media is a universe of its own and has pretty much something for everyone. BJP these days is a huge trend on social media. Recently some reports surfaced which claimed that BJP has opened their unit in Balochistan (Pakistan). The content became viral on Facebook as well as Twitter. It left many citizens in splits while some started rejoicing for the same.

Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan (Pakistan)
Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan (Pakistan)

Watch Video of BJP Unit in Pakistan

Recently, a video surfaced online where some people are seen celebrating in support of BJP and are waving the party flag. Some burqa-clad women are also seen rejoicing in the video. There is a text on the video that says that it’s a scene from Pakistan and not India.

This viral video was shared by a Facebook page called Acche Din. The video is shared with a message “In India, Indian traitors often wave Pakistani flags, but today, seeing these visuals, I feel happy”. The video had more than 208k views on Facebook.

Not to mention thousands of messages and comments that followed. The video is equally viral on twitter too and has been tweeted and retweeted in huge numbers. Additionally, it became a source for many viral memes and posts.

BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan? Let’s find out

Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan (Pakistan)
Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan (Pakistan)

We would love to see an Indian party progressing so well, but it was too good to be true. So, we started the verification of this viral video. If we listen carefully, the crowd is shouting slogans in support of Sofi Sahab. The slogans like “Sofi Sahab aage badho, Narendra Modi aage badho , hum tumhare saath hain ” can be easily heard. This was the first thing that indicates something is wrong in the context of the video.

Upon checking we found that Sofi Yusuf was BJPs candidate from Anantnag during the parliamentary elections. Further, we found that the same video had been shared earlier. It was shot when Sofi Yousuf was going to file his nominations for the parliamentary polls this year. Upon further investigations, we found that the same video was shared by J&K BJP. Eureka! Finally, we found the source of the video.

Fact Check: Has BJP opened up a unit in Balochistan

The video became an instant hit on the internet. But the BJP candidate still lost his election. He lost to Hasnain Masoodi of the National Conference.


Also, we confirmed that the video was true but the captions and headlines that were being shared along with the video are FAKE. Yes, that’s true, you guys will have to wait a little longer to hear such news. Till then you can focus on other small tasks like careers, kids, your own nation, environment, etc.

We would appeal to all our audience to post and share responsibly. There is a lot of authentic and share-worthy content in all genres (Did we mention Godofsmallthing ?). This fake but viral news not only mislead people but also sabotage the real issues. Not to mention they can surely pose to be a threat to the law and order and social harmony. Have fun but please be rational and sensible.

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