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A video that shows Sonakshi Sinha’s arrest has surfaced on social media. The video shows Sonakshi in handcuffs and she pleads to be released as she is innocent.
The video shows handcuffs being put on the actress. Dolled up in a glittery outfit, Sonakshi is heard expressing shock at being arrested by police.

#AsliSonaArrested. Image Grab: IBTimes 

In the video Sonakshi is handcuffed and she is asking .”You can’t arrest me like this. Don’t you know who I am? I have not done anything, I am innocent. How can you arrest me like that?”
While it is extremely shocking to see the diva being arrested, it is still unclear if it is something serious or just a publicity stunt for some upcoming release.

Meanwhile, hashtag #AsliSonaArrested has been trending on twitter.


See the video here:

Why Sonakshi Sinha is arrested?

As per reports, this could be due to cheating an event organizer.
A few months ago, it was reported that the actress was embroiled in legal trouble for allegedly cheating an event organizer. It was reported that a complaint was also lodged against her in Uttar Pradesh.

#AsliSonaArrested Image Credits: Zee News 

On February 22, 2019, an FIR was registered against Sinha and others at Katghar police station, Moradabad. The complainant Pramod Sharma, alleged that Sonakshi had agreed to participate in an event on September 30, 2018, in Delhi. She also accepted a sum of Rs 37 lakh for it. However, she refused to show up on the last moment and Sharma had to suffer huge losses due to the cancellation of the event.

Sinha filed a legal case requesting to acquit her of all the charges and to stay her arrest. Deciding upon the matter, a division bench comprising of Justice Naheed Ara Moonis and Justice Virendra Kumar Srivastava ordered that Sonakshi will not be arrested till the police completes the investigation and submits their report.

However, the court ordered Sonakshi to cooperate with the investigation and also asked her to appear as and when required by the investigating officers. Another noteworthy point was that the case is still pending and the court  has not acquitted Sonakshi since it appeared that her doings had caused a loss to complainant.]

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Sonakshi Sinha’s stand:

However, she had later denied the allegations with a social media post. She said “An event organizer who couldn’t live up to his commitment. He thinks he can make a fast buck by maligning my crystal-clear image in the press”. “I will fully cooperate with the authorities from my end and will be available for the investigation to be conducted”. She also requested the media not to spread and believe bizarre claims of an unscrupulous man”.

#AsliSonaArrested Sonakshi Sinha on Twitter. Image Grab: Twitter 


Update:  Sonakshi wrote on her Instagram handle in the evening and said “Hey guys, I know there are some concerning videos doing the rounds,” she wrote on Instagram. “It is me, but that is not the entire truth. I will share everything in detail with you all soon,” the actor continued, hinting at some sort of promotional gimmick.

Sonakshi has been landing herself in quite a lot of trouble due to her behavior. We hope that she steers clear of these controversies and shine on the screen.

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