Father’s Day 2022 – Jay Bhanushali Talks about Tara and Fatherhood

Beautiful was the time when my father was my only friend. I remember going to the park early in the morning, telling him my life stories, listening to his life lessons, and being myself only around him. You know how it is usually mothers are always there around the little ones always but the moments spent with fathers are comparatively lesser and hence special just like how we do with our good friends now. For every child, a father is a superhero who doesn’t need a cape as he is someone who solves all their problems without complaining. Someone who is always there. Someone who will always remain a special one. This Father’s day 2022 , Anjali Kochhar from Godofsmallthing spoke to actor Jay Bhanushali who spoke candidly about his relationship with his three-year-old daughter Tara Bhanushali.

Jay and Tara

Bhanushali needs no introduction. In his career span of over 17 years, he has worked on several television shows, including Kayamath, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, and Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, among others. He was also a part of a multitude of reality TV shows, including Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 2, Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, Nach Baliye 5, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 and Bigg Boss 15.

He married the love of his life and actress Mahhi Vij in 2011. Together they have a daughter named Tara Bhanushali. He speaks of how special Tara is to him and how he looks forward to an even more special bond in the future.

“Every Father is a Celebrity”

Being a celebrity dad comes with a lot of responsibilities including late-night shifts, early mornings, months away from home, and obviously the pressure to stay in the limelight always. This is not what usually happens when you are not a media personality. So, definitely being a celebrity dad is something you need to be extra responsible at.

Speaking about the same, Bhanushali says, “Every father is a celebrity in front of their child. Their first love, their first superpower or say superman of their life is their father.”

Jay and Tara

“I am blessed with a child who is very caring and regarding giving time to her, if I am not shooting, I am always with Tara. I will either go to the garden with her or go to the play area with her. Right now she is three but as she will turn older she will have her own set of friends right now I am the only friend she has and I like it that way. I want her to make friends but I am a little possessive father,” he adds.

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Bhanushali also gets paranoid when he has to stay away from Tara whenever there are long working schedules out from home. He wants to take her along but that is not practical.

Mahhi gets jealous about how expressive I am with Tara….

Do you feel me when I say that it is so easy to say I love you to mothers but becomes difficult when it comes to saying the same to fathers? Most of us have been brought up feeling distant from our fathers. Whether it is in real life or reel life, fathers are usually people who have a coconut-like nature i.e. hard from the outside but melts from the inside.

“Fathers or men are made this way from the start that they don’t express themselves much because of the schooling we had. That conditioning of mind justifies how we men are less expressive,” Bhanushali says.

Jay Bhanushali

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However, things are changing with the coming of age. New-age dads love to be an equal part of their children’s lives as mothers. There are fathers who stay at home with the little ones just to make sure their wives go out and fulfil their dreams. Remember Indravadan Sarabhai from Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai? There are many such examples from real life too. So, things are changing and fathers now want to share a bond that is special and unique in its own way with their little ones.

“With Tara, I am pretty expressive. I am emotional about it. I laugh, I smile, I express my feelings, I cry and I think I have done everything with Tara and that’s what Mahi (his wife) is jealous about. She says you have never expressed your feelings to me the way you have expressed to your daughter.”

One hug makes it all just fine

Life has its own set of challenges but sometimes one hug from a special someone makes it all just so easy. For Bhanushali, Tara is that little special one who gives him the best hugs when he comes back from work.

Mahhi Vij Family

“I can’t live without her. She is my life and in the end, when I come back I just ask for a tight hug and the way she hugs that’s priceless. Every father or mother will understand this feeling of kids coming and hugging you tight and saying that I love you. And I pray that this bond remains like this from both sides.”

Bhanushali is also possessive about Tara and in the end says, “When she will go to college I will drop her on a bullet bike so that everybody knows that this girl has a very tough and hot father and nobody should mess with her.”

It was a lovely and candid conversation with a celebrity dad or maybe someone who is just a father and a superhero for his little one. I think this is how it is. No matter who you are, for the little ones you are their world, their superheroes and just their dads.

This Fathers’ Day, go give a tight hug to your superhero and thank him for the world he has created for you! Happy Fathers’ day to all the superheroes out there 😀

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