Friends Can Sometime Break Your heart too.

Friends Can Sometime Break Your heart too.


Why everyone talks about Love breakups?

Why no one talks about Friends turning into strangers?


Friends Can Sometime Break Your heart too.

“It hurts so much when a friend walks away. Even more when it’s a best friend. But what hurts the most… is when you have no idea why they left”

This is my story of turning stranger to someone whom I thought and considered as a dear friend.

I met him through social media. Many of us meet people on social media which in turn become an integral part of our life to whom we term as “friend”. He became a part of my life. We used to talk daily from good morning to good night. Like every other friendship we also involved in fights but eventually try to solve it. Whenever I used to get a call from him, a smile always comes on my face. Honestly I loved talking to him.

I always use to get angry when he doesn’t text and he always used to calm me down. He loved to mock around while I used to hate him for the fact that he used to insults me by his jokes. Yes I Accept I am stubborn and he still tolerated me .That is what good friends are supposed to do right?

But as they say “nothing is permanent in this world”, so were we. Differences came, we fighter, argued, but still never gave up on our friendship. We decided to meet each other but eventually could not. I termed him as My Best friend but he tagged me as “Just a friend “tag (I dint knew it earlier). We used to have the craziest nicknames of this world                     “Rakshas and Chudeil”(I know they sound crazy but not to us).

But one day unknowingly he disappeared. Without telling me the reason he decided to end our friendship. Somewhere i knew the reason was his Girlfriend (yes he was committed) but still i asked him more than 100 times to tell me honestly.

After A while the day came, it was his birthday. I had so much to tell, so much to write but ended up writing ‘Happy Birthday’ 🙂 and got a reply like I was speaking to some stranger.

The last message from him will always be in my mind “everything ended today “.

I used to miss him (I will be honest) but could not do anything about it.

May be he was happy without me.

I was hurt. No one was there to share my pain. Trust me it is hard to move on from a love breakup but it is even harder to move on from a friendship breakup.

The worst thing was that I never met Him.

So finally I ended every connection between them with a message:

“Rakshas i m not angry from you. I know i said i hate you but i don’t. Thank you for coming in my life. Stay happy Stay blessed :)”

And I could not do anything else but walk away. I was not angry neither I used to hate him neither i hold any grudges against him all I wanted was his happiness.

Yes it’s true I am going to miss everything about him. Daily talks, stupid conversations, those wrong time calls, his jokes, his care, his angry behaviour, the term “chudeil”.

Isn’t it strange how someone can be so important for you in less period of time?

But yes life doesn’t stops for anybody. Neither did I. initially it was tough to get the first feet moving but eventually I ended up realizing that everything happens for good and may be this was a good and happy ending for our so called “Friendship “ !!

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Gaurav Tomar

Gaurav is Senior Developer in an IT Firm. He has been into blogging for over 5 years and embarks his presence in Social and Political genre.

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