Full Sleeves Blouse Designs For Winter Weddings

Weddings are magical in itself. But, weddings in the months of November to January are even more whimsical because the climate adds to the charm of the venue and it’s truly the season to feel festive.

Putting together your wardrobe for a winter wedding might seem arduous, but think of all the fun and experimental ideas you can incorporate to your outfits. You can also adorn fabrics with stunning embellishments that you might not be able to wear in the sweltering summertime.

Here’s a curated list of long sleeved bridal blouses to look incredible with your designer bridal lehenga at a winter wedding:

Kurti Blouse Design

Whilst planning your outfits for a winter wedding might be super exciting, it can also be extremely uncomfortable and even painful if it isn’t well thought out. Consider the weather in the location of the wedding venue. If it’s going to be frigid, you’d want to layer up and stay warm. Luckily, this blouse design will do just that whilst you look stunning, as always.

A long sleeved, kurti blouse with a skirt will never go out of style and you can bundle up by wearing thermals on the inside. The kurti itself can be in a thicker fabric with metallic embellishments or even rhinestones. You can even layer under these blouse if it’s too cold.

Rock That Peplum Blouse

If you want something with an understated oomph, go for a peplum blouse that’ll be super flattering and beyond stylish! Again, it can be heavily embroidered with a daring cut out at the back. This blouse would also ensure that you stay warm and cozy. Not just that Peplum blouses are great if you are looking to camouflage some area near belly. Lest we forget that this design would be nice and comfortable too!

Off Shoulder Velvet Blouse

The fabric of the winter season is undoubtedly velvet. This fabric has been worn for centuries together, but one can give it a modern twist with an off shoulder. This blouse design can be paired with a skirt or draped with a sari making it ideal for a winter wedding because the blouse will make you feel warm. Too add to the oomph, you can go for a heavily embellished off shoulder velvet top.

You can also opt for retro looks this wedding season : Here are some recommendations from us

Jacket Blouse

Do you want to make a bold statement with boss vibes? You will definitely make heads turn in a lehenga or sari with an embellished bralette and an ethnic jacket in a matching or a contrasting color palette. Go for a design that’s intricate or minimalist, both of these will work! You can pick the jacket according to your comfort and temperature. All our B town beauties have sported this look, be it Aishwarya Rai Bacchan or Vidya Balan, the list goes on and on.

If you’re looking for an Indo-Western spin, opt for a tuxedo coat or a bar jacket and drape your sari with an oversized belt. This would be a very niche concept and incredibly unique. We bet , this method of styling will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Comfy and stylish at the same time, can’t ask for more.

Dramatic Blouses with Ruffles or Sheer Sleeves

Dazzle in a well cut and tailored blouse with oversized bell sleeves or with ruffles at your wrist. We’d recommend a simple, V neck blouse with zero to minimal embellishments on the yolk and letting the sleeves do all the talking. They can be adorned with rhinestones or impressive embroidery. Another interesting idea would be to do sheer or lace sleeves with the rest of the blouse in an understated fabric. Be sure to cop up these blouses to look fabulous at these weddings straight out of a fairytale setting!

So here were some styling tips that will help you survive the winter weddings without missing out the glam factor. Another pro tip is to be confident , no dress makes you as attractive as your persona does. Being comfortable and confident is the key to rock off beat fashion effortlessly.

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