Get Season 5 Royale Elite Pass For Free in PUBG MOBILE 40 Rs Trick : Working Trick

How to Get Season 5 Royale Elite Pass For Free:

Get Season 5 Royale Elite Pass For Free. Image Credits: YouTube

We all love PUBG, don’t we, and we are all aware of the situation when we think about having a Royale Elite Pass.  But we already have so many things to burn a hole in our pocket, why would our beloved PUBG do that!. So we found out a really cool trick to help you get your Season 5Royale Elite Pass only for Rs 40. Oh yes, you heard it right, so let’s get started.

For the trick, you will need 10 Gmail accounts, preferably newer ones and original (mandatory). So the trick makes use of a discount of Rs 75 which is given by Google to its users on their first google purchase.

How to Get Season 5 Royale Elite Pass For Free Step by Step Tutorial

  • When we go to UC purchase, to buy UC points, we can see that the cost of 60 UC points is Rs 79. When we are purchasing for the first time we get a discount of Rs 75 from Google.
  • Click on the option to purchase 60 UC and wait till google asks for a payment method. Add your payment method and click on buy.
  • Now when you are asked to enter your password, do not enter the password and press BACK button once.
  • You will get a screen asking if you forgot your password. Click on No Thanks button and press the BACK button once again.
  • Now you will get a dialogue box from google which says that you can save Rs 75 on this purchase. Click continue and proceed with payment of Rs 4.

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So, after this discount, we got 60 points for Rs 4. This is the first part of the hack. We still need 540 UC points to purchase the elite pass. For that we will need to perform the following steps:

Get Season  5 Royale Elite Pass For Free Step by Step Tutorial

  • Go to the settings menu of your phone and click on Accounts.
  • Click on GOOGLE and remove your current account from the list of accounts. This is mandatory since we have already made a purchase from this account.
  • Now go to the Application Manager of your phone and find Play Store in the list of apps
  • Open Play store and click on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”. Perform the same step for Google Play Services.
  • Now click on “Add account” and log in with your new Gmail id.
  • Now perform the same steps to purchase another 60 UC points for Rs4.
Get Season 5 Royale Elite Pass for free.  Image Credits:

So, by performing these steps, you got 600 points in Rs 40 only. Go give it a try and thank us later. Happy gaming :). Do let us know if the trick worked out for you or not 🙂

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