Have a Royal Enfield “Bullet”?let’s See how many things from the checklist have you done and Know

“For some, it’s booze, for other its meditation, and for the rest awesome ones, there’s ROYAL ENFIELD!”

Aren’t our readers the awesome ones?

The craze of owning a Royal Enfield Bullet is uncanny! As soon as a boy turns 18, his craving for riding a Bullet touches the sky. The ones who ride Bullet are the ones have “Wakhra Swag”. Every guy dreams of wearing a solid black leather jacket, carrying a bag pack and driving to Leh on his Bike, well correction, on his “Bullet”!

Royal Enfield Bullet. Image Credits: IndiaCarNews

There is a special clan of the people who own Bullet and being a part of it is a pride in itself for every boy and for that matter every girl as well! As its name suggests, this clan is a group of people who are “Royal” in their endeavor.

Did you know?

After independence, Royal Enfield became the first official motorcycle of the Indian army in 1949. The years’ old relationship with the Indian army makes Royal Enfield even more priceless.

Royal Enfield Bullet. Image Credits: Patrika

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Some exhilarating facts about the Royal Enfield Sales in India-

  • The previous year, the sale of the Royal Enfield increased by 27% reaching to more than 74,000 units
  • Classic 350 is the highest selling model of the Royal Enfield which is thumping the beats of the heart of the millions of Indians
  • India is the world’s largest market for two-wheelers and according to the industry experts, the sale is going to take a hike in the upcoming years with the increasing craze of the people for Royal Enfield
  • According to the analysis, Kerala is the state having the largest sales for the Bullet, and Delhi guys giving tough competition to it
Royal Enfield bullet
Royal Enfield Sales in India

The trips the Tashan Wale Munde owning Bullet must take-

•   Manali to Leh is the highway which leads to heaven-The 479km journey is like the road which will take you to the most exquisite site. As soon as the month reaches May and June, pack your bags and guys, take your bullet for an adventurous journey!

•    How about driving your bullet from Chennai to Puducherry? The east coast road will fill your life with an extremely beguiling experience. You will experience the rivers, the ghats, the streamlines, and more! Winter is the best season to hit the road for this trip and fortunately there isn’t any wrong time for this trip!

Royal Enfield bullet
Royal Enfield Bullet

•    How can you miss Mumbai to Goa? We start dreaming about the Mumbai to Goa trips as soon as we hit puberty! No Dil Chahta Hai fan can miss this trip with his squad and we bet on it. Ride on your Bullet and impress the girls with your Tashan. Try taking this trip during the Monsoon as rain makes the journey even more beautiful.

•    Take your Royal Enfield to the Kingsland of India (Rajasthan)-You cannot underestimate the royalty of riding your Bullet from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. It would be like developing a prestigious bond with the royal culture of India. The best time to take this trip is between December and February.

So, you know your Bullet, right?

Royal Enfield bullet
Royal Enfield Bullet

How about a short Quiz?

•    Which is the Most Popular model of the Royal Enfield?

•    Name a Bollywood Hunk who rides the Royal Enfield?

Do you know the answers? Are you amongst the awesome clan? Write in the comment section below!

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