Heart Bells : A Story that might relate to Many

Heart Bells: A Story that might relate to Many

As dawn breaks over the city, she steps ahead in her journey of life. It was quite easy for her to pick that cute boy from the mob and choose him to be her new friend who brought new energy to her soul. Their friendship was sort of different, they didn’t talk every single day or sometimes even for weeks but when they do, it was like they never stopped talking. He was amazing in every single way and treats her better than any guy ever will.

Heart Bells
Heart Bells

It was then when she realised that her idiot friend who had always cracked jokes on her has now transformed into a gentleman. His maturity reflected when he smiled and said: “You are a nice girl whom I have always admired as my friend!!” She was happy with his decision and both gave a fresh start to their friendship by adding some new flavours in it! Their life was going on in full swing until that day when their heart bells chime as if they met for the first time!! That day they both looked into each other’s eyes little too long and shared the bliss of life and came into possession of each other’s poise!!

Later without giving any clue, he acted in ignorance of basic procedure and in order to ignore the unacceptable truth, she has a habit of inventing fictions, wholeheartedly believed that their friendship is now at stake. She was in a situation when her lips were not enough to express the pain she had within.
Heart Bells
Heart Bells

Once she even had a regret of confessing her love to him but may be it was her destiny which didn’t want her to be sad anymore and happiness is what life had chosen for her.


Then she finally asked, “Have you fallen for me?”

“You are my right love at the wrong time but you could be my half girlfriend if you want to be mine!!” He replied.

She smiled and added, “I’m in a flirtationship with you, and you are my half boyfriend!!”


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