Here is what People are doing for rape Victims instead of keeping quiet or filming them

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Here is what People are doing for rape Victims instead of keeping quiet or filming them

YES, the very first question that arises today is- ARE THE WOMEN SAFE? or ARE WOMEN IN  INDIA SAFE?

women rape statistics in India. Image Credits: Association for Democratic Reforms

Just a month ago, a woman was raped by drunk perverts, in bright daylight and clipped the video and posted on Facebook. these people are none other than the citizens of India, who claim to protect the women and raise concerns on women security, Isn’t it a joke?

women rape statistics in india
women rape statistics in India. Image Credits: The Economic Times

A five-year-old girl is raped, a ten-year-old girl gives birth, a beautiful looking girl’s life is destroyed by an acid attack over her, a college-going girl is teased, an office going girl is molested and harassed in the metro AND still we claim to protect our women. Above all, we consider them equal to Goddess Lakshmi, though we worship Goddess Lakshmi, we rape a woman  Are we really hitting you RIGHT? Right in your conscience? This is why we are writing this

What more can be said now?

It is an accepted fact that brutal crimes against women are occurring in India almost daily. Rape is the most heinous case of cruelty. It is ironical to note that such incidents are not actually rare in our country. There are several such cases happening every day where females from infants to old ladies, from upper-middle-class women in metro cities to Dalit women in the village- are subjected to immense sexual torture by lustful and shameful men who are, in most cases, known to the victims.

Women are an essential part of this country and must be treated well. And not everybody in this world is the same. There are many NGOs which have come forward to help rape victims, to protect our women, to respect their sexuality and to support them. Just not NGO’s even government has taken several measures to ensure “women safety”. But how many of these steps are known to common men and women?

Here are a few steps that we should force upon:


The handling of forensic evidence such as fingerprints, hair or nail samples – a key component in rape cases where the onus lies with the prosecution to prove the rape -will be collected, transported, stored and checked in a careful manner.

The core competencies of the police need to be strengthened and officers must be given training and resources to carry out their work. Standard operating procedures for conducting investigations need to be applied across the country.


what People are doing for rape Victims
what People are doing for rape Victims Image Credits:

One of the biggest impediments to gaining justice for rape victims is the lengthy duration of the trials.
India will invest more in the legal and judicial system and concentrate on the hiring of thousands more judges and prosecutors.


Victims and witnesses can be intimidated by the accused, who in some cases is granted bail by the court, even though rape is a non-bailable offense.
India will officially witness protection program in place for victims of sexual assault and other serious offenses.

protect our women
protect our women. Image Credits: Quartz

NGOs like:-


sayfty ngo. Image Credits: Sayfty
Sayfty helps to empower Indian women by equipping them with knowledge and tools that will help to keep them safe. It is an NGOs Empowering Women in the country. The NGO is also educating women about non-tolerance of violence they face and is working to instill the courage and confidence to report the challenges they are facing.

WASH United

wash united
wash united. Image Credits: Wash United

Women on Wings

Apne Aap

  •  Apne Aap is a group dedicated to creating empowerment groups for Indian women. The groups provide a safe place for women to discuss their rights and learn about options that can help keep them safe from a life of forced prostitution and sex slaves. Foundations like:-

    Azad Foundation

    Azad foundation focuses on women who continue in abusive relationships because of their financial dependence on their husbands, Self-defense, women’s rights, sexuality, and reproductive rights, effective communication, grooming and most importantly, driving, which will become their future vocation.

  • One Stop Crisis Center or the Nirbhaya Centres.

    In India, the victim is often shunted from hospitals to police stations to courts without any kind of sensitivity to her traumatized state of mind and sometimes even denied the rights to treatment and to file an FIR.

    This center also has a 24-hour helpline service for distress and rescue calls. Emergency response and rescue services with linkage with existing mechanisms like 108 emergency service are expected to lead to timely help for victims. 

    Bharatiya Grameen Mahila Sangh

The goal of BGMS is the welfare and empowerment of women and children. The organization creates women self-help groups across villages.


Aims to  prevent and manage mental illness by providing voluntary, professional and essentially confidential care and support to the depressed and the suicidal”

24×7 WOMEN HELPLINE NUMBERS, as and when required.

All IndiaWomen’s

Helpline (All India) 1091 / 1090

National Commission for Women (NCW)
National Commission for Women (NCW) Image Credits: National Commission for Women (NCW)

National Commission for Women (NCW) 0111-23219750


Delhi Commission for Women (DCW)
Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) . Image Credits: DCW

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) 011 23378044/ 23378317/ 23370597

Outer Delhi Helpline 011-27034873, 27034874

Women in Distress 1091

Police Control Room 100

Child Helpline 1098

Anti Stalking/Obscene calls 1096

Child,Student & Senior Citizen 1291


you are bold, you are beautiful, you are fearless, you are independent, you don’t need any man to rescue you from your problems in fact- if you’re waiting for your HERO take a look in the mirror.


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