“His hand was under his shirt moving at the bus stop” Isn’t it a sexual assault to another level?

sexual assault in India
sexual assault in India. Image Credits: TheDispatch

“I saw his hand under his shirt moving. At first, I thought I was interpreting it wrong and then I realized he was shaking it off sitting at the bus stop.” A case reported in Chicago.

“I felt the man next to me do something and touch my waist with his elbow. It felt a bit weird so I decided to record on my phone. He was masturbating,” reported by a DU student in Delhi NCR.

“The Uber driver was looking at me from the rear view mirror and constantly masturbating.” As reported by a girl from Hyderabad.

sexual assault in India
sexual assault in India. Image Credits: Livemint

Like seriously? Don’t these men have a room or a private place at their home? Or do they objectify their mothers and sisters at home as well? This kind of obnoxious behavior is getting on our nerves now. What do these people feel? POWERFUL? We should rather say that there are no COWARDS in the world better than them.

Sexual assault in India

sexual harassment in India
sexual harassment in India

What could we expect if UBER drivers are also in the list of violation of laws? Which place on this earth is then safe for women? Or we should say, when will the minds of such men become less filthy to make the entire Universe safe for women? We understand that there is some reason behind every person’s actions may be some past or present fears but what on earth makes such loathsome behavior valid?

The psychology behind such behavior

We get Goosebumps imagining a scenario where a man is so vulnerable that he seems to touch himself in public seeing a woman. It has been researched that psychologically, men who indulge in such shameful act are incredibly rageful towards women. These men are too petrified to touch the women and given a tag of “rapists” that they just satisfy their needs immediately touching themselves. Let us tell you, objectifying a woman and touching yourself is like mentally raping her only!

Sexual harassment law in India:

Sexual harassment law in India:
Sexual harassment law in India: Image Credits: twitter.com

Masturbation in Public is a Violation Of Law

The cases of men masturbating in public seeing a woman are increasing day by day. What is it? Are these men too afraid to touch a woman so they have decided to touch themselves seeing a woman? If this is the case, then let us tell you that objectifying a woman and touching yourself in public is a kind of a violation of the law as well. And here is the proof-

Sexual harassment law in India:

According to Section 354 under the Indian Penal Code,

“Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty is a punishable offense. The person can be punished for 1-5 years under such circumstances.”

Sexual harassment law in India:

According to Section 509 under IPC,

“Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of women leads to simple imprisonment for 3 years.”

Sexual harassment law in India:

According to Section 268,

“A person causing any kind of public nuisance violating the privacy of another person is subjected to be punished by law”

What do the Police say?

Whenever such cases are reported, the action of the policemen is just exact opposite of what they actually say. The police say that women should report the cases and the action would be taken immediately against the criminal. But it has been seen that they take such cases lightly as till now, “public masturbation” is not registered a crime under any law.

What should we do?

sexual assault in India
sexual assault in India. Image Credits: Quartz

We don’t understand if the honorable policemen who have the power to take immediate actions won’t consider such cases then Who would? Well, it is always better to be self-prepared for women if they see any such cases.
If you are a woman or a man who cares about the women then as soon as you experience such a case, instead of indulging in violence, record the person and tweet. With the number of cases increasing and the number of tweets increasing, the people under power will definitely consider it.

The police say that the reports should be registered instantly then do so! Instantly, tell people around about the criminal’s action and report to the police. This way, you would have proof as well.
This needs to stop! We live in a democratic country and we have the right to raise our voice. Indulge in the signing of petitions, make social media groups, tweet, raise your voice as there is no explanation valid for such repugnant actions taking place in the public.

sexual assault in India
sexual assault in India. Image Credits: The News Minute

Are you with us? GodofSmallThing is against any kind of act which violates the privacy of any person, whether men or women. What do you feel?

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